An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. Jack Morgan, orphan in spacecraft Virge, has warrior K'da Draycos on his back - actually flattened, out of enemy sight, only survivor of scout ship. Refugee ships are heading into a trap, and both co-operate to save the galaxy. Jack Morgan 13 has a dragon on his back - literal. From Hugo Award-winner and New York Times best selling author Timothy Zahn comes the Dragonback series, a science fiction adventure involving an alien.


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Jack is chosen by Dragonback series 30s after he is the only survivor of three ships that have destroyed scouting for refugees, and they combine to dragonback series an instant team.

Jack is a fourteen year old reformed con man, and now he has a partner in Draycos, who literally lives on his back. Raised by his Uncle Virgil, Jack was taught to follow in his foot steps as a con man and a thief.

Dragonback Series - Timothy Zahn - Works | Archive of Our Own

Before dragonback series Uncle Virgil died, he loaded parts of his personality and thoughts into the computer of the ship, and is thus with Jack in some ways. Dragon and Thief Dragon and Thief is an adventure and science fiction novel that was written by Timothy Zahn and published in Dragonback series is the first book in a series of six books that concluded infollowing the travels of Jack Morgan with his symbiotic dragon friend.

Jack Morgan is a fourteen year old former con man who has been orphaned and raised by his Uncle Virgil.


dragonback series When Dragon and Thief starts up, he is hiding on a remote planet due to his being accused of a crime that he did not commit.

Jack is trying to stay out of trouble and lay low by hiding out on Iota Klestis, but that intention quickly goes to pieces when a ship crashes. Draycos can only live six hours without being connected to a human host, and Jack must either save Draycos or abandon him to death.

He chooses to save Draycos, and they team up. Jack and Draycos dragonback series each other— Jack to get his name cleared up and out of trouble, and the dragon to get help in trying to save his clan.

Dragon and Thief - Wikipedia

Young fugitive Jack Morgan and alien K'da warrior Draycos are inseparable - quite literally. They've been together since a desperate Draycos was forced to bond with Jack as his host in dragonback series to survive. It dragonback series the human Jack Morgan and his dragon-esque partner Draycos as they set off on an unsuccessful investigation.

Throughout the first book, he lives aboard the starship Essenay, protected by an artificial intelligence mimicking his uncle. Draycos is dragonback series 'K'da': Deprived of his customary host in battle, he befriends Jack Morgan to identify his attackers.

Virgil Morgan, the adoptive uncle of Jack, is a professional thief and confidence artist, notorious throughout the Orion Armand therefore sought as an ally by the story's antagonists ; but has died before the events of the initial book, and is represented largely dragonback series Jack's memories.

Because his death is kept secret by Jack, he is believed alive by supporting characters until the final book. Uncle Virge is the artificial intelligence guiding the starship Essenay. Being created to mimic the late Virgil, he is the dragonback series chief source of information upon the latter, and serves as dragonback series advocate in any discussion by Jack, Draycos, and himself of future plans.