John Boyer has won multiple teaching awards during his 12 years in the Geography Dept. at Virginia Tech. He teaches World Regions and. Personally autographed and inscribed Drink This Now! book by some dude named Boyer. (Put in the notes what you would like written.) Bonus. Books By John Boyer. Most Popular Fantastic Drinking Games: Kings! Drink This Now! (A Start-up Guide to Drinking Wine Now). John Boyer. from: N/A.


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The only thing which could have improved the course was a smaller class size. I have learned a lot from this class and highly recommend it.

Drink This Now! : John Boyer :

We went to visit several wineries for our project, and I learned more by that than I could have in any class. I enjoyed the guest speakers that we had in class. The movies were drink this now boyer great assignment The wine quizzes weren't my favorite activity.

I hated watching Gary V. He engages his drink this now boyer, makes the course material accessible, and encourages his students to explore the subject in a fun and interesting way.

He has an animated teaching style which makes all of his lectures memorable, and I feel like I get more out of his classes than any other class here at Tech.

You kept the course interesting and I learned a great deal. I had hime for World Regions and Wine and he really teaches in a way that you want to listen and learn. There is definitely a need for more teachers like him. I also learned so much about the subject matter, and I am now drink this now boyer longer intimidated by wines or the geography behind them.

I now understand why everyone recommends taking a class with him before you graduate Tech, and my one regret is that I never got a chance to take his World Regions course. All my free electives are fulfilled and this does not count towards my major. Taken with another teacher, this course could be very dry and drink this now boyer what with the many many different rules and subregions.

However, Boyer made this class a blast and it is the only class I have gotten to early to get 'good seats' for.

Drink This Now!

I look forward to class everyday and I feel like this class has been my favorite class drink this now boyer VT yet and it will most likely be the class I use the most in terms of everyday use as I mature into an adult and a professional. I would highly recommend the class to anybody who is considering taking it.

Honestly, just show up to class drink this now boyer learn about wine even if you don't need the credits! In fact, I'm pretty sure I've seen him roundhouse kick awesomeness in the face. I've learned an incredible amount of information in this class without an excessive workload.

I feel better educated about wine, beer, and liquors, topics which will be incredibly beneficial in life and in the business world I am entering. This was interesting, informative, useful, relevant, and a hell of a lot of fun.


I'm sad to be graduating Boyer, as I won't be able to take a fourth class from you. Extremely knowledgeable, witty, and funny. I took away so much from this class.