Julie Myerson on ZZ Packer's masterful debut, Drinking Coffee Elsewhere. Accompanying her story “Drinking Coffee Elsewhere” was a full-page photograph of Packer sitting on some rough city steps beside a cracked, graffiti-covered. Chosen by John Updike as a Today Show Book Club y an award-winning writer, ZZ Packer now shares with us her debut, Drinking Coffee Elsewhere.


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Drinking Coffee Elsewhere Summary

As much as I wanted to love this book - I didn't. There were three stories that I was eager to see what would happen, but the others I drinking coffee elsewhere myself flipping to see how many pages they had left.

Although, now that I think about it, the girls in each story seemed drinking coffee elsewhere have the same personality.


I think I'd much rather read a novel from this author because I like the girls that appear in drinking coffee elsewhere book, but I think they're one character.

If whatever the author writes next has a young black female protagonist, sign me up!


We had originally picked it to read together before bed. The conversation as best I remember went something like: Oh man, that Gary Soto book of short stories for children was really funny.

Drinking Coffee Elsewhere

Already scanning the bookshelves in our bedroom Oh yeah, we drinking coffee elsewhere pick out something else like that. Is this David Sedaris After finishing up a string of dark and heady reads, I picked this up for some light summer reading, on my wife's recommendation.

Description and similes - so often abused by first-time writers - are employed with urgency, grace and humour. Best of all, Packer's happy to leave things untidy. drinking coffee elsewhere

You lurch after her in her wake, snaking this way and that, and yet you still can't begin to guess how she will end a story. That's perhaps because the endings go the way of real life - pretty drinking coffee elsewhere all over the place.

The narrator of "Brownies" admits at the end of drinking coffee elsewhere story that she "suddenly knew there was something mean in the world that I could not stop", which is the closest Packer comes to nudging us to draw a conclusion. Mostly she resists, and I think I prefer it when she does.

The warm pleasure of these stories lies not in anything they show or tell us, but in the brave, original way they do it.

Drinking Coffee Elsewhere Summary -

I laughed and was entertained, but I was also oddly inspired. Drinking Coffee Elsewhere is a striking debut-fresh, versatile, and captivating. It introduces us to an arresting and unforgettable new American voice.

What situations, problems, and themes recur in the collection? What qualities make it such drinking coffee elsewhere cohesive collection?

Drinking Coffee Elsewhere: ZZ Packer: : Books

What is that meanness? Packer has succeeded in creating African American characters who drinking coffee elsewhere not defined solely by their race drinking coffee elsewhere economic status.

By the time the black girls decide to corner the white kids in the bathroom, the narrator says that the revenge was no longer about one of them being called a derogatory name, for the word that started it all now seems to have turned into something deeper and unnamable.

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Furthermore, the black girls are told that the white children are echolalic, which means they say whatever they hear, like an echo. The story thus ends as a sort of cautionary fable about drinking coffee elsewhere and about how older generations pass down racial intolerance.