Hi, my TeXnic Center crashed for unknown reasons! Can anyone send me the information required to define the following Output Profiles in  TeXnicCenter doesn't generate a dvi or ps or pdf. And because the profile LaTeX=>PS=>PDF is rarely needed is the LaTeX engine \item \verb|| turns DVI output into PostScript \item. Concept of output profiles Output profiles define the steps to be executed to compile your LaTeX files to the resulting output file (e.g. DVI, PDF) and how to view it.


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Configuring TeXnicCenter

You can just right-click and let it use the same name with " - copy" at the end and leave it in the same folder. Open up the copy and try building it.

This file always seems to magically work even though its contents are identical to the one that didn't. If this copy dvi to pdf texnic center, you can delete the files with the dvi to pdf texnic center name the.

Then you can change the name of the copy back to the original name and delete all the files with the " - copy" name. Try opening and building the "new" original file. I don't know why this works, but it always seems to be a solution to this very frustrating problem that results in no lost work.


It works pretty well, but sometimes it's hard for me at least to draw clearly enough that it recognizes what I'm trying to draw. You can also click on the "symbols" button and then filter by command or package.

To get secondary horizontal alignment within each item in itemize and enumerate environments, you can use boxes. For example, suppose you have a list with two items: If you want to align the words "price" and "quantity", put the "p: So in this example: The "[l]" is a lower case L for "Left" alignment of the text in the box.

You dvi to pdf texnic center have to manually pick the width of the box, here "[25pt]". So there's probably a better way to do dvi to pdf texnic center.

Configuring TeXnicCenter

But for now, see the section below on variables so you only have to type the value once per list. Unlimeted number of output profiles Define as many output profiles as needed.

Simply select the one to be used from the toolbar.

  • Help define LaTeX=>DVI=>PDF output profile in TeXnicCenter
  • LaTeX tips and short installation guide - Jonathan R. Lhost
  • Text Editor
  • Latex-PSTricks

Do not change the path of the executable, but change the options to use command line arguments rather than DDE commands, exactly as shown in the screenshot. Repeat with the other two TeX profiles before clicking OK.

It may be helpful to configure Windows to display file extensions if this has dvi to pdf texnic center been done already. To do this, select Folder Options from the Tools menu and click on the View tab.

The dialog box should look something like this: Customization allows you to modify the graphical user interface, including the menu structure, the toolbar, the short cuts, the editor and the general look and feel.

Advanced configuration provides instructions for configuration changes not available directly from within TeXnicCenter. To get a printable output they have to be compiled.