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Interactive whiteboard - Wikipedia

Move the icon to see the answer. Depending on the activity, children can also participate by using the wireless keyboard or switch to make selections. There e notebook smartboard many interactive white board friendly web sites that have a "full screen" option.

This e notebook smartboard puts the focus on the activity content and removes any sidebars or extraneous advertising that can be distracting. What about students who have physical limitations — do you have any suggestion about how they can participate?


Some children cannot exert enough pressure with their own finger or may have difficulty holding the standard stylus provided with the white board. A tennis ball works very well as an alternate pointer. One option e notebook smartboard for the child to grasp and hold the ball while using it to select or drag objects on the screen.


Certain considerations about the Bluetooth connection of the light pen also apply. Two lines of sight are involved the controller and the pen in the case of rear-projection case.

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e notebook smartboard Operation of a virtual whiteboard via an interactive projector[ edit ] An interactive projector IWB involves a CMOS camera built into the projector, so that e notebook smartboard projector produces the IWB image, but also detects the position of an active IR light pen when it contacts the surface where the projected image.

This solution, developed in and patented in by U. Even where traditional boards are used, the IWB often supplements them by connecting to a school network digital video distribution system.

In other cases, IWBs interact with online shared annotation and drawing environments such as interactive vector based graphical websites. This can help transform learning and instruction. Many companies and projects now focus on creating supplemental instructional materials specifically designed for interactive whiteboards.

E notebook smartboard out of Boston, MA, for example, will have the first complete curriculum for schools and districts.

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One recent use of the IWB is in shared reading lessons. Mimic books, for instance, e notebook smartboard teachers to project children's books onto the interactive whiteboard with book-like interactivity.

Dixons City Academy in the North of England was the first non college or university learning environment to make use of interactive whiteboards after the school's then principal Sir John Lewis showed a keen interest in the developing technology.

An e notebook smartboard whiteboard can e notebook smartboard be found in every classroom of the school. Integration with a learner response system[ edit ] Some manufacturers also provide classroom response systems as an integrated part of their interactive whiteboard products.


Handheld 'clickers' operating via Infrared or Radio signals, for example, offer basic multiple choice and polling options. More sophisticated clickers offer text and numeric responses and can export an analysis of student performance for subsequent review. By combining classroom response e notebook smartboard an interactive e notebook smartboard system, teachers can present material and receive feedback from students in order to direct instruction more effectively or else to carry out formal assessments.

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For example, a student may both solve a puzzle involving math concepts on the interactive whiteboard and later demonstrate his or her knowledge on a test delivered via the classroom response system. Some classroom response software can organize and develop activities and tests aligned with State standards.

Research into impact e notebook smartboard interactive whiteboards on education standards[ edit ] There are now several studies revealing contradictory conclusions about the effect of the use e notebook smartboard IWBs is effective on student learning.

A compilation of this research is available.