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Queens Library created a customized interface for the tablets that is easy and intuitive to use, even for beginners.

Queens Library Group ( Members)

The design is simple, clean, and icon-driven. Customers are encouraged to explore and discover. The tablets have downloaded, curated content with resources in key areas ebooks queens library readiness, health, immigrant resources, and library programs and services, which were the topics most in demand in the storm-ravaged Rockaways.

The downloaded content makes the tablets useful with or without Wi-Fi.


Ebooks queens library content is available when the devices are within Wi-Fi range such as at the library ; they automatically update with fresh content whenever they are connected. The tablet content includes magazine-style feature material with micro-local interest.

Main Menu:

Concurrently, the library customized a secure mobile management device solution that makes lending large quantities of mobile devices possible. It began with a commercially ebooks queens library software package.


In this way, the library controls the user experience and the cost of ownership. It is easy to add or update new ebooks queens library remotely, which can all be done at once through a managed console imagine the alternative—having to update thousands of units, one piece at a time!

Queens Public Library's eBook Tablet and Mobile Application

The units are easily reset when they are returned, and any personal data or ebooks queens library that a previous borrower included is removed.

If units go missing, it is possible to remotely turn on a geolocator to protect patron privacy, tablets are lent with the geolocators turned off.

To avoid tampering, some functions are turned off such as the ability to download appssimilar to what most libraries do with their OPAC computers. Controls keep customers from accidentally locking themselves out of the units or unintentionally creating a condition that would make the tablets unusable.

The customized mobile management software also keeps all the tablets uniform, so staff members can be trained, allowing ebooks queens library to train customers. The library designed a simple ebooks queens library menu to support novice technology users.

EBooks | Queens Library

The interface supports mobile discovery and delivery of e-resources and vital information. She is the author of Poets, Patrons, and Printers: For Windows, Ebooks queens library and iOS.

Please check your email address for a confirmation email from Blio. Please check your email address for a confirmation email from Blio. Any Queens Library books you have borrowed in Ebooks queens library format will appear here.

Login to ebooks queens library Welcome to our new Chinese eBook service. Take your pick from more than 6, items on topics including politics, literature, economics, education, etc.

You can download up to 10 books at a time and keep them for 7 days.


And since they are returned automatically, you never have to worry about late fees!