Edward Bond's version of Lear's story embraces myth and reality, war and politics, to reveal the violence endemic in all unjust societies. He exposes corrupted. Lear - by Edward Bond. Lear is a re-telling of the story of Lear, premiered at the Royal Court in With a brief passage before the cast list. Edward Bond's Lear. Leslie Smith. Imagine, if you will, a mixture of the plays of Brecht and. Strindberg, Brecht's social and political purposiveness allied to.


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Bodice tells Fontanelle that there are malcontents in the kingdom and that there will be a civil war. Edward bond lear replies that the rebels are led by Cordelia. Lear asks the Ghost to bring him his daughters. The apparitions that appear are of Bodice and Fontanelle as young girls.

Lear and his daughters talk as the edward bond lear girls sit with their heads on his knees. Lear asks the daughters to stay, but they leave him. The Ghost reappears and asks Lear if he can stay with him.

The others go offstage, leaving the wounded soldier to die alone. In Scene 4, Bodice and Fontanelle, talking at their headquarters, reveal that their husbands have tried to desert.

Lear - Drama Online

The Dukes of North and Cornwall arrive and are told they are to be kept in cells unless there is a need for them to be seen in public. Left alone, Bodice reveals that she started to have the wall pulled down, but that she needed edward bond lear workers as soldiers.

Lear says that he only wants edward bond lear live to find the Ghost and help him. Fontanelle is brought in, a prisoner also. In Scene 6, Lear and the other prisoners, including Fontanelle, are in their cell. He is cold and thin.

Lear Analysis

Fontanelle tells Lear that if he helps her, she will protect him if Bodice is victorious. A medical doctor who is also a prisoner edward bond lear to perform an autopsy on Fontanelle.

Lear is awed by the beauty of the inside of her body, in contrast to her cruelty and hatred when alive.

Lear tells his daughter that he destroyed Edward bond lear. Bodice too has been sentenced to death.

The soldiers stab her with a bayonet three times. Edward bond lear terrible pain, Lear edward bond lear the prison with the Ghost. In Scene 7, Lear meets a family of farmers by the wall. They reveal that the father will go to work on the wall and the son will become a soldier.

Lear feels pity and tells them to run away. Soldiers arrive, looking for the deserter, but Lear hides the fugitive.

Edward bond lear to find him, the soldiers leave. The others want the deserter to leave as well, but Lear insists that he—and all escapees who come to the house—can stay. Scene 2 occurs some months later.


The deserter from Scene 2 is taken away to be hanged. Edward bond lear Councilor and those who came with him leave.

Lear complains that he is still a prisoner; there is a wall everywhere. The Ghost enters; he is thinner and more shrunken.

The Ghost suggests that he poison the well so the others will leave; he will take Lear to a spring to drink.