Thirteen years older, his idealism and youthful dreams shattered, and taking advantage of the belief that he died at the end of Noli Me Tangere, he is disguised as Simoun, an enormously wealthy and mysterious jeweler who has gained the confidence of the colony's governor-general. El Filibusterismo Summary Crisostomo Ibarra is back and as Simoun. During the period in between the story line of Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo which is 13 years, Ibarra left the Philippines and became a wealthy jeweler. He came back to the Philippines as Senor Simoun, disguised with a beard. The sequel to Noli Me Tangere with its unarguably utopian vision, el Filibusterismo offers a much bleaker picture of the last decades of the nineteenth century.


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Later in the story, Maria Clara will tell Ibarra that she did not conspire to indict him. Maria Clara found out that the letters of her mother were addressed to Padre Damaso about their unborn child which means that she el filibusterismo summary the biological daughter of the priest and not of her father, Capitan Tiago.

El Filibusterismo Reader’s Guide

Meanwhile, Ibarra was able to escape the prison with Elias, who also experienced injustice with the authorities. Ibarra was able to speak with El filibusterismo summary Clara about the letters and thereafter forgave her.


el filibusterismo summary Ibarra and Elias flee to the lake and were chased by the Guardia Civil. One was shot and the other survives. Upon hearing the news, Maria Clara believed that Ibarra was dead; she entered the nunnery instead of marrying Alfonso Linares.

The fatally wounded Elias found the child Basilio el filibusterismo summary his el filibusterismo summary mother Sisa. The latter was driven to insanity when she learned that her children were implicated for theft by the sacristan mayor.

The note is later found out to be signed in the name of Crisostomo Ibarra. With a change of heart, Basilio informs his friend Isagani about the plan. Isagani, being a former boyfriend of Paulita Gomez steals the lamp and throws it into the river.

He also escapes by diving into the river while being pursued by the Guardia El filibusterismo summary. He came back to the Philippines as Senor Simoun, disguised with a beard.

He seems to have long abandoned his once vision of ending the despotism of Spain with words and el filibusterismo summary. He becomes hungry for vengeance for all the misfortune our country has suffered under the tyranny of the Spaniards.

El Filibusterismo by Jose Rizal - Reading Guide -

And near the end of the novel, when he discovers that his lover, Maria Clara, died in the convent, he becomes el filibusterismo summary the more furious. Simoun is a confidant of the Captain-General. He knows that we el filibusterismo summary fallible. He has seen that you have suffered, and in ordaining that the chastisement for your faults should come as death from the very ones you have instigated to crime, we can see His infinite mercy.

He has frustrated your plans one by one, the best conceived, first by the death of Maria Clara, then by a lack of preparation, then in some mysterious way. Let us bow to His will and render Him thanks!

El filibusterismo summary Florentino falls upon his knees and prays for the dead jeweler. He takes the treasure chest and throws it el filibusterismo summary the sea; as the waves close over the sinking chest. Basilio, although not present at the mock celebration, is also arrested.

Synopsis of Jose Rizal's Novel, "El Filibusterismo" | Owlcation

Captain Tiago dies after learning of the incident and as stated in his will—forged by Irene, all his possessions are given to the Church, leaving nothing for Basilio. Basilio is left in prison as the other students are el filibusterismo summary.

A high official tries to intervene for the release of Basilio but the Captain-General, bearing grudges against the high official, coerces him to tender his resignation.

In August ofthe Katipunan, a nationalist secret society, launched the revolution el filibusterismo summary Spain. Its leaders venerated Rizal and tried to persuade him to their cause.