By BS EN Eurocode 2: Design of Concrete Structures. In the case of Document to supplement BS EN , and the Steel Bridge Group has. Eurocode 2: Design of concrete structures. Part Common rules for building and civil engineering structures. BS EN /NA Eurocode 3 - Calcul des structures en acier - Partie 2: .. (5) For the execution of steel bridge structures, EN should be taken into account. NOTE: As long.


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Eurocodes: Frequently Asked Questions

With which Authorities is the Agency co-ordinating? How is highway loading addressed in the Eurocodes?

Normal highway loading is specified in Eurocode 1 Part 2 and supplemented by provisions in the National Annex. This load model comprises a tandem axle system acting in conjunction with a uniformly distributed load. Abnormal loading is specified in the National En 1090 2 euro code 2 to Eurocode 1 Part 2.

Will example bridge designs be carried out? The Agency has carried out several studies using the Eurocodes to design typical highway bridges to examine their effect on safety, economy, technical approvals, specification and to establish the need for additional guidance.

Projects and Features

A series of "Designer's Guidance to Eurocodes" have been published, some of which cover the design of bridges. In addition, it is expected that industry bodies such as the Steel Construction Institute and the Concrete Centre will publish example bridge designs using Eurocodes.


Click on the links to their websites on the Useful links page where en 1090 2 euro code 2 information is available. What is the impact of Eurocodes on HA procurement?

As the use of Eurocodes will be through the DMRB, the impact of their use on the procurement and contract documents should broadly be as for other changes in standards. The only difference will be that during the period of co-existence of the two sets of design codes, design to either will be acceptable - specifically, for all types of contract, involving new highways structures design, made before 31 Marchthe use of Eurocodes will not be mandatory; however, for all types of contracts, involving new highways structures design, made after 31 Marchthe use of Eurocodes will be mandatory unless otherwise agreed by the TAA.

There is an issue of for how long a design to the current National codes within a long-running design programme would remain acceptable beyond the codes withdrawal date.

This is currently being considered. How will Eurocodes impact on the modification of highway structures? The Agency will specify that Eurocodes must be used as the basis for the en 1090 2 euro code 2 of modification works to highway structures.

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This will include design of strengthening and upgrading works, design of replacement of structural elements and design of replacement of components relevant European Product Standards to be considered in conjunction with Eurocodes. The Agency is reviewing the SHW to determine how it will be affected by the Eurocodes and what changes will be required.

Eurocodes: Frequently Asked Questions

The SHW will have to reflect the European product standards and in many cases already does so. Additionally, the European Execution Standards contain workmanship and erection specifications that will replace the equivalent requirements when published.

These changes will also be incorporated in the amendments to the En 1090 2 euro code 2. The Agency is focusing its efforts on the review of execution requirements for major construction materials, i.

The Agency will be considering requirements for the execution of structures in other materials e. What is the progress of the European Execution Standards?