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Rick is not interested at first but later on he becomes interested, and gets into mischief.

The Enchanted Wood

Together they venture into many new lands and have a lot of fun. Say for example the Land of Goodies,where some houses are made of chocolate The Folk of the Faraway Tree[ edit ] Connie, enid blyton enchanted wood mischievous girl, comes to enjoy a few days with the children while her mother, Lizzie, is sick.

At first Connie refuses to believe in the Faraway Tree or the magical folk who live in enid blyton enchanted wood, even when the Angry Pixie throws ink at her and when Dame Washalot soaks her.

Joe, Fran and Beth take her to the lands at the top of the tree and Connie gets a few surprises!


The Saucepan Man's mother decides to live in the tree, leaving her job as a baker in Dame Snap's land. She sets up a surprising cake shop in the tree. Along come more exciting adventures in the various types of lands at the top of the Tree.

All the children are captured by the devious and sinister Enid blyton enchanted wood Red-Cloak, they have exciting times in the Land of Wishes, and give a delicious tea-party when the Land of Cakes arrives. Characters[ edit ] The main characters are Joe, Fran and Beth, three siblings.

Beth is the youngest, Fran is next in age enid blyton enchanted wood Joe is their big brother.

They live near the Enchanted Wood and are friends of the residents of the Faraway Tree. The Angry Pixie, who lives in a house with a tiny window and has a habit of throwing cold water or any liquid at hand over people who dare to peep enid blyton enchanted wood.

In various chapters, one of the children gets stuck in the land. The last land they visit in this book is the Land enid blyton enchanted wood Birthdays, where the brownies and the inhabitants of the Faraway Tree celebrate Bessie's birthday.

The Faraway Tree - Wikipedia

Lands in the book[ edit ] The Roundabout Land This land spins round and round like a roundaboutand plays music as it spins. In the land live a number of rabbits and an old man who sings along with the music while tapping his hand to the beat.

The land only stops spinning once in a blue moon. The Land of Ice and Snow The land is full of enid blyton enchanted wood and snow.

Sure my friends and I got a bit of a snigger out of the names the first time we heard them, but if my own experience is anything to go by, most likely children will get over the connotations in the names because they're more interested in the adventures the characters have.

If a kid now days asks why the characters have names that are slang for genitalia, would it actually be that hard to tell them that these names were popular back when the book was written, and such names didn't have those connotations then? The whole avoidance enid blyton enchanted wood with changing the names and actions of characters like Dame Slap in Enid Blyton's books just bubble wraps kids now and suggests to me that adults enid blyton enchanted wood fear children coming into contact with anything 'controversial', or reading anything that might require adults to sit down, talk and spend time with their kids, rather than shoving an electronic device at them and telling them to go and do whatever.

What exactly is the matter with reading outdated English to a child? Do these PC editors really think a set of books will entirely change the way a kid speaks when modern English surrounds them every other waking minute?

Sanjana akasam, Kukatpally, 27 July A perfect book for all ages- A dose of magic, adventure and wonder in every chapter.

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