Environmental psychology as a specialized discipline within psychology has lost much of its visibility as a unique area within psychology over the past decade. Climate and environmental psychologists keep our planet healthy. Their research explores human behavior so they can figure out what motivates people to take actions that will protect the planet. Resources to help you pursue a career in psychology. Environmental psychology is an interdisciplinary field that focuses on the interplay between individuals and their surroundings. It examines the way in which the natural environment and our built environments shape us as individuals.‎History · ‎Orientations · ‎Concepts · ‎Applications.


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You can find a list of student projects on the Environmental Psychology Research Group webpages.

Career prospects Our graduates have progressed into careers in central and local government, taking on policy-oriented research in a variety of environment-related behaviour issues. Many environmental psychology our graduates have become practice consultants or environmental psychology found careers in central or local government, using their skills in environment behaviour research.

Could you join their ranks?

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The national Science Foundation of the United States, for example, has environmental psychology out a call for proposals specifically addressing human dimensions of global change. Several environmental psychology psychologists were involved in the planning group for this new initiative.

Paul Stern and his colleagues at the U.

  • Environmental Psychology, ~ e-Prospectus, Leiden University
  • Journal of Environmental Psychology - Elsevier
  • Journal of Environmental Psychology
  • Journal of Environmental Psychology

National Academy of Sciences have published a recent monograph in this area, an Annual Review of Psychology piece, and the Journal of Environmental Psychology has recently edited environmental psychology special issue on the topic. Another prominent area within the field of environmental psychology is the critical role of culture in understanding human-behavior relationships.

The growth of interest in environmental psychology in Central and South America is heartening environmental psychology this regard.

For example, one of the largest environmental psychology programs in the world is located at the National University of Mexico. Issues related environmental psychology housing, environmental attitudes, mental health and the environment, privacy and place are among major topics of interest in this program.

Environmental Psychology MSc

Several environmental psychology projects cutting across cultures are ongoing on crowding and noise, restorative environments, alternative work environments, transportation impacts, women and housing, environmental psychology childcare facilities.

Japan and the U. Environmental psychology important topic of research and discussion within the field continues to be criminal behavior and design. Since the initial interest in defensible space, researchers and designers have continued to be fascinated by the role of the physical environment in affecting crime directly as well as its influence on fear of crime.

Environmental psychology - Wikipedia

Environmental psychology interplay of these two processes environmental psychology well illustrated by the incivilities theory, use of landscape aesthetic principles, and research on the criminal's perspective on crime.

The new field of Investigative Psychology is playing a dominant role in crime management in the criminal justice systems of many countries. This field draws heavily from topics such as place theory, territoriality, and environmental cognition, research on prisons continues to underscore the positive and negative role the physical environment plays in such settings.

Interest in life in space has spawned a host of efforts within the United States and Europe to develop programs for housing travelers and workers in outerspace. This endeavor plus several other areas, particularly related to health and safety issues in the workplace, has renewed interest in more direct connections between environmental psychology with human factors or ergonomics.

Environmental problems are, ultimately, problems of human behaviour.

Environmental Psychology

Individual behaviour with environmental consequences environmental psychology be analyzed from a social-psychological perspective. Specific attention will be given to the difference between individual and collective interests social environmental psychologywhich plays a role in a range of environmental issues, ranging from the number of parking places in a neighbourhood to the greenhouse effect.


What psychological environmental psychology drive environmentally relevant behaviour and how can interventions be designed to change behaviour in a pro-environmental sense? Of two degree paths, the Environmental psychology Design and Health path includes study with community practitioners and researchers in design and related fields, including health, community design, and public policy.


Research typically environmental psychology data collection and engaged research practices of design thinking and participatory design. This area of investigation has potential to create innovative health and educational partnerships, economic opportunities and neighborhood initiatives and relates to the strategic mission of the university to be highly engaged in civic environmental psychology.

Environmental Psychology MSc | University of Surrey

The focus is on how people are affected by both physical and virtual environments, as environmental psychology as how people affect nature. The program offers courses on environmental behaviour, environment and neuroscience, human factors, virtual environments and cognitive design, change management and greening organizations environmental psychology architecure and estetics.


Dissertations have examined such topics as environmental aesthetics, spatial cognition, environmental psychology enclaves, neighborhood decline, neighborhood satisfaction, restorative and livable places, and behavior change. Prescott College offers a master's program that incorporates a number of the foundations of environmental psychology psychology as well.

The sub-fields in which the program provides includes environmental education, environmental studies, ecology, botany, resource policy, and planning. Another description about the program is as follows: The focus is on how people affect and are affected by environments, and includes a pragmatic approach to promoting environmental stewardship behavior, as well as a focus on how "nearby nature" affects environmental psychology mental vitality, physical health and well-being.