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Erwin Strittmatter

Feedback An appealing figure. An unconventional codger who devoted himself to writing and horse-breeding on a remote farm in Brandenburg.


A successful author and one of the best erwin strittmatter der laden writers in East Germany. Hundreds of thousands of copies were printed, and his readings attracted large crowds.

He was also inundated with letters from enthusiastic readers seeking consolation. He received the National Prize of the German Democratic Republic several times, and he was the first secretary of the Association of German Writers for a short while.

At the same time, he surrounded himself with the aura of a misfit.

And there were indeed confrontations with the leadership the East Erwin strittmatter der laden communist party, the SED, which sometimes led to printing delays and publishers' artificially restricting the size of the print runs.

This made his books all the more appealing to readers, who read between the lines and felt as if they were reading underground literature.

His success continued after German reunification. Ina respected high school was named after him in Spremberg, a town in the eastern state of Brandenburg.

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But Strittmatter was no longer alive to receive those awards, or to experience the revelations about erwin strittmatter der laden collaboration with the East German secret police, the Stasi, and the doubts voiced erwin strittmatter der laden about his own account of his participation in World War II.

Strittmatter was buried in near his farm. Now, to commemorate Strittmatter's th birthday in August, several books are being published that address these questions and present a critical view of the author.

Der Laden (Hardcover)

They also include previously unknown private notes. Strittmatter's readers and loyal followers won't be pleased. Even the town of Erwin strittmatter der laden has decided to dispense with official appreciations of its honorary citizen.

Was he an appealing figure?

Der Laden: Roman - Erwin Strittmatter - Google книги

The new erwin strittmatter der laden paint a different picture, one of a man who, after the war, portrayed his own days as a soldier in such a way that it would fit neatly into the image of the anti-fascist East German citizen; a man who, as a member of the Communist Party, did his best not to rub the new rulers the wrong way; who fled from women when his passions led to consequences; and who used illness as an excuse to extricate himself from his position as first secretary of the East German writers' association when the work became too much for him.

It's the picture of a man who wanted his peace and quiet so that he could write and devote himself to his animals, and who sought to escape the noise of the city and his own children. The richest portrayal of the life erwin strittmatter der laden Erwin Strittmatter is the substantial biography by historian Annette Leo.

Her interest in the writer was aroused in by an article in the Sunday edition of the Frankfurter Allgemeine newspaper.

A Look Back at East German Writer Erwin Strittmatter

In the erwin strittmatter der laden, author Werner Liersch showed that Strittmatter, instead of being an ordinary soldier in the German army during World War II, was in fact a member of a combined SS, police and mountain trooper regiment that was sent to Slovenia and Greece to fight partisans.

Strittmatter, however, had always suggested that he had served as battalion clerk during the period in question.

Strittmatter apparently kept his third wife, Eva, with whom he lived on a rural horse farm for four decades, as well as his own sons in the dark -- even though he must have known by that there was evidence about his wartime past, as the biographer discovered.

It contained erwin strittmatter der laden and diary entries from the war years, documents that he had once given her for safekeeping and believed had been "lost and destroyed" long ago.