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In Review: Facedown by Matt Redman

Would you comment on the title and how your thinking on the theme of reverence and wonder contributed to this project? The facedown matt redman Facedown concept, it really came from reading through Scripture and noticing how many worshipers were facedown in their devotions.

You look facedown matt redman the Transfiguration of Jesus, even his disciples were facedown. It really struck me.

‎Facedown (Live) by Matt Redman on Apple Music

Then you get to these heavenly throne room scenes—and what we do conversely. But the elders are falling facedown. In fact, some of the angels do, too.


I recognize that You are the highest high. In response to that, I am going to get as low facedown matt redman I can get to worship You. My conclusion is we need to see more, and recognize more, and focus more on the glory of God. Facedown worship is in the Bible; they Abraham, Moses, etc.

Facedown Lyrics & Chords | Matt Redman | WeAreWorship UK

Thus, when we face up to the glory of God, we ourselves fall down and worship. They were people facedown matt redman recognized the otherness of God; people who saw a glimpse, enough of a glimpse to be overwhelmed to the core, and they want to decrease to the ground in submission and devotion.

I want more songs which paint a big picture of God. So many books of the Bible reveal his sovereignty, majesty, his awesomeness, his being all powerful and self-sufficient.

The God in these facedown matt redman seems to be so worldly compared to the God in the Scripture.


They are portraying God, but it seems we often shrink Him facedown matt redman too much. I love that word, the otherness of God. You look through the Bible and see that God breathes, but you only see God breathing out in the Bible. He breathes mercy; He breathes anger.

He breathes on this thing and gives it life. So God breathes, but you never really find Him breathing in.

A Conversation with Matt Redman

We need to breathe in air, but not God. There is nothing God needs.

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That gives you a great picture of how high above us He is. Everything—in physics, in astronomy, biology—everything needs something else to exist.

In Review: Facedown by Matt Redman

Yes, that song is a lot about that idea. In the songs we sing, even facedown matt redman breath we breathe is the breath He gave us in the first place.

But the beautiful thing I realized is that God loves our worship. Because in Scripture, when believers facedown matt redman near to God in holy worship, they are flat on their faces and are overwhelmed to the core.


Trying to recapture the wonder in worship. It must be the Holy Spirit, just urging us to reclaim some of this majesty. To treasure up words, thoughts, and deeds we will only ever use in response facedown matt redman the Lord.