Fettered for Life. Lillie Devereaux Blake, Author, Lillie Devereaux Blake, Author, Grace Farrell, Afterword by Feminist Press $ (p) ISBN. Page - There is a great deal of character in a hand, and the movements of Frank's slender fingers, as he tossed his papers into some sort of order, as he. Book digitized by Google from the library of the University of Michigan and uploaded to the Internet Archive by user tpb.


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From the corrupt judge and politician who tries to kidnap her to the boss who pays her less than the man who previously had her job, Laura is exposed at every turn to fettered for life biases against women.

Fettered for Life, Or, Lord and Master: A Story of To-day - Lillie Devereux Blake - Google книги

As Laura faces these prejudices, she is also exposed to another very modern problem that women must face-that of negotiating the line between love and retaining one's independence in a relationship with a man. Of course pa is rich, fettered for life then if I were a boy, I should be earning something for myself.

Why is not a girl as good as a boy?

She is not so strong, of course, but she is purer and better, possesses the. Why should you not study law for instance?


Oh, how I could labor at anything useful! I get so tired of worsted-work. You are an enthusiast, Laura, and don't understand in the least how our people feel about these things.

I think fettered for life once had some ambition, she has shown us some very pretty verses she wrote when she was a young lady, but now she only cares for society, her whole object in life is to get fettered for life girls well married; there are six of us, you remember, and do you know sometimes, I have thought I would marry just -for a change and to please ma.

fettered for life My sister Maud is past nineteen, and will come out this winter, and I know pa and ma begin to think I ought to marry. I have had several offers, but I don't care for any man. Oh Flora, don't marry unless you really love some one.

And after all, how will this benefit you?

Life In | ' Fettered for Life,': In , as today? - tribunedigital-baltimoresun

By the way, where are you staying? What is she like?


Fettered for life say she has an immense practice. Ma does'nt like to have any one late. Livingston was a small woman with fair hair, and face that must once have been pretty, but fettered for life was marred by the look of unrest and anxiety about the eyes as well as the deep lines that time had traced.

MIaud was a handsome girl, taller than Flora and with darker hair.

Fettered For Life

Eyes that shone with a sort of defiant light, and mouth, that lacked the amiable sweetness that sat like a charm on Flora's lips. Although both ladies were perfectly polite fettered for life Laura, a subtle instinct taught her, that they looked upon her with disfavor, if not with distrust.

Livingston when the meal was nearly over. Did you want me for fettered for life

' Fettered for Life,': In 1874, as today?

He went towards Flora with it. Le Roy's compliments," he, said. Livingston glanced up with interest.