Fifty Shades of Grey by EL James at the Politics and Prose Bookstore in Washington DC. The first part of an erotic trilogy, the book has. Author E L James' smash hit erotic bestseller 50 Shades of Grey has given “Ebooks comprised an average of per cent of sales between. Fifty Shades of Grey (Fifty Shades, Book 1) - Kindle edition by E L James. Download it once and read it Explore limited-time discounted eBooks. Learn more.


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Fifty Shades of Grey

The erotic novel has sold in excess of 5. EL James's novel — centred around the corruption of a virginal student by her successful, helicopter-flying, sadomasochistic boyfriend — has already outsold all seven Harry Potter books on Amazon.

Dubbed "mummy porn" by some literary critics, Fifty Shades of Grey is the first book in a triology which traces the adventures of Anastasia Steele after she meets tycoon Christian Grey.

The principal novel opens with hero, Anastasia Steele, going in for her BFF, Katherine Kavanaugh, to meet rich and effective "multi-tycoon", Christian Gray to compose an article for the school daily paper.

Anastasia appears for the meeting and fifty shades of grey ebooks photo of a young lady totally uncertain of herself, uncomfortable in her own fifty shades of grey ebooks.

Fifty Shades by E.L. James series

Awkward and credulous, Ana actually face plants into Gray's office. He is diverted and gives Ana a gaze intently at that makes her flush.

Dim is by all accounts captivated with Miss Steele, which she can't appear to comprehend, so gracelessly leaves his office, her brain totally overwhelmed by him all the while.

Their cooperation doesn't stop there. Three brands ranked prominently in the survey. Four out of five book buyers had visited their library in the previous month either in person or online, Booknet said.


And 12 per cent of the activity was checking out an ebook compared to 6 per cent checking out an audiobook. The falling price of e-readers and tablets is one factor behind the shift.

Fifty Shades Trilogy (Fifty Shades, #) by E.L. James

I fifty shades of grey ebooks we are supposed to applaud that she never signed his stupid contract and she didn't let him beat her?? As written, they were "broken up" for a week. If it had gone to week two, this pansy would have gone and handed him a whip and a cane.


Throughout the "trilogy" I use the word soooo loosely. The word trilogy implies that there was a story Maybe then you would see why female characters like Bella and Ana aren't just ridiculous, they are also harmful to impressionable girls who read it and think they should emulate the pathetic behaviors of these two characters in order to snare a man The writer describes Christian as someone who has not matured beyond the age of His past "interludes" all began fifty shades of grey ebooks him having the "subs" sign a non disclosure contract.

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This included anal fifty shades of grey ebooks, vaginal fisting, caning, and a bunch of other equally ridiculous garbage. I marvel at the fact that a book that talks about fisting, urination and bowel movements in sex is not only a best seller, it has now become one of the fastest selling books IN HISTORY.

What this says about our society is frightening. It gets hotter when we find out that Christian has a big book of pictures he's taken of these women in compromising positions that he keeps as leverage to make sure they never talk about him.