Fingerprints of the Gods has ratings and reviews. brendan said: I am willing to admit that I am a huge fan of alternative histories/unorthodox. Fingerprints of the Gods has been translated into 27 languages and is estimated to have sold more than three million copies around the world. Chapter 1. Ancient sources. A man ahead of his time. Piri Reis and his sources. Legacy of a lost civilization? Chapter 2. Ross Sea Mercator and Buache.


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I read only about eighty pages of it because it was becoming a real chore. I couldn't bring myself to fingerprints of the gods through it without doing some necessary fact-checking on the side, so the time which could have been spent getting to the halfway point was instead spent with a dozen internet tabs on, with a naively-enraptured Joe Rogan podcast starring Hancock playing away in the background.

Hancock often fingerprints of the gods accusations of pseudoscience by stating that he is not a scientist--and yet he fills his books with tons of footnotes and complains about close-mindedness and conspiracy among orthodox archaeologists, two tools that make him seem like a rebellious alternative to orthodox scientific scrutiny.

Fingerprints of the Gods - Graham Hancock Official Website

This book has pretty fantastic reviews here on Goodreads, which is as disappointing as it is unsurprising. I've often considered that there is some real hubris to those who unhesitatingly buy into this stuff.

His theories have few supporters in the geological community compared to the more widely accepted model of plate tectonicsbut they were adopted by Rose and Rand Fingerprints of the gods 's When the Sky Fell: Reception[ edit ] Members of the scholarly and scientific community have described the proposals put forward in the book as pseudoscience and pseudoarchaeology.

After years of research, the U. The remaining fingerprints of the gods then canvassed the world, landing in such places as Egypt, Turkey and Peru, in hopes of spreading their wisdom.

The King is a flame, moving before the wind to the end of the sky and to the end of fingerprints of the gods earth … the King travels the air and traverses the earth … there is brought to him a way of ascent to the sky … Is it possible that the constant references in archaic literatures to something like aviation could be valid historical testimony concerning the achievements of a forgotten and remote technological age?

We will never know unless we try to find out. No doubt many are unhistorical, but at the end of the investigation that underlies this book, I am certain that many others are not … For the benefit of future generations of mankind Here is a scenario: Of course there would at first be much panic and despair.

Nevertheless — if there were sufficient advance warning — steps would be taken to ensure that there would be some survivors and that some of what was most valuable in our high scientific knowledge would be preserved for the benefit of future generations. They also were the inventors of that fingerprints of the gods sort of wisdom which is concerned with the heavenly bodies, and their order.

Fingerprints of the Gods - Wikipedia

The occasion of this was because he saw in his sleep that the whole earth was turned over, with the inhabitants of it lying upon their faces and the stars falling down and striking one another with a terrible noise … And he awaked with great feare, and assembled the chief priests of all fingerprints of the gods provinces of Egypt … He related the whole matter to them and they took the altitude of the stars, and made their prognostication, and they foretold of fingerprints of the gods deluge.

The king said, will it come to our country? They answered yes, and will destroy it. And there remained a certain number of years to come, and he commanded in the mean space to build the Pyramids … And he engraved in these Pyramids all things that were told by wise men, as also all profound sciences — the science of Astrology, and of Arithmeticke, and of Geometry, and of Physicke.

All fingerprints of the gods may be interpreted by him that knowes their characters and language … Taken at face value, the message of both of these myths seems crystal clear: Could this be so?

And what are we to make of other strange traditions that have come to us from the dark vault of prehistory?

Fingerprints of The Gods

What are we to make, for example, of the Popol Vuh, which speaks in veiled language about a great secret of the human past: Strangely enough, it was the City of the Sun in Egypt, Innu, known by the Greeks as Heliopolis — which was regarded throughout the dynastic period as the source and centre of the fingerprints of the gods wisdom handed down to mortal men from fingerprints of the gods fabled First Time of the gods.

It was at Heliopolis that the Pyramid Texts were collated, and it was the Heliopolitan priesthood — or rather the Heliopolitan cult — that fingerprints of the gods custody of the monuments of the Giza necropolis. More than just Kilroy was here Let us return to our scenario: We start by preparing for the worst.

We assume that there will be survivors but that they will be blasted back into the Stone Age by the cataclysm. Realizing that it may take ten or twelve thousand years for a civilization as advanced as our own to rise again like a phoenix from the ashes, one of our top priorities is to find a way to communicate with that postulated future civilization.


At the least we would want to say to them: