*Boys' Adventure & War Picture Libraries: We proudly welcome a complete run of (as far as we know) all-new adventures, not reprinted from the weekly comics. Like its companion titles in the Fleetway Super Library family. Thanks for the wondreful comics. I have not seen thease fleetway super library series before anywhere on the net. But, It is downloading in a. Fleetway Super Library was a comic published by Fleetway from to As its title suggests it followed the picture library format, albeit on a chunkier.


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The boys' adventure libraries Cowboy, Thriller and Super Detective were a mixture of original and reprint material primarily the former, but also drawing on newspaper strips and serials reprinted fleetway super library comics the weekly comics.

The romance libraries, however, were all-original and perhaps are also contenders for the title of the first original graphic novels series.

British Update: Complete run of Fleetway Super Library Front Line series

Each contained 64 pages of a single story strip plus a cover; fleetway super library comics format, although flimsy, had a spine down which the title was printed. I guess it depends how you define 'graphic novel'.

What we think of fleetway super library comics as a typical pocket library Commando being the obvious choice as it is the only survivor but true of many of the libraries that appeared in the s contains two panels per page with the occasional full page illustration giving roughly frames per story.

In the s it was more common to have 3 panels and even 4 panels per page, or between frames per story; generally there was also a lot more text in fleetway super library comics dialogue and descriptive captions.

If length is a criteria, the Fleetway Super Library series has a better claim as each issue was advertised as " pages of action pictures" -- actually plus four pages of a thin card cover.

Fleetway Super Library Stupendous Series (Volume) - Comic Vine

The main story ran to pages, the rest of the title filled out with humour strip reprints, a quiz, feature pages or a short complete 6- or 8-page story.

Those pages contained some frames fleetway super library comics the strips were all new.


The Fleetway Super Library actually encompassed three series -- Stupendous, Secret Agent and Front Fleetway super library comics -- with two titles appearing a month for each series. Stupendous series The first two episodes were given the title 'Fantastic Series' but this became 'Stupendous' with the second month's output.


The two characters were already established in the weeklies: The Steel Claw yarns also featured one of my favourite cover artists, Carlo Jacono, who is well known in Italy for his 'giallo' artwork I may be wrong -- and I'm sure someone will correct me if I am -- but I think the name comes from a specific series of covers with a circular image in a yellow background which I think of as crime noir -- fleetway super library comics images of usually guns and dames that would look good on any Chandler novel.

Front Line series This series introduced fleetway super library comics brand new characters, Maddock's Marauders named, no doubt, after the American commando unit known as Merrill's Marauders and Top-Sergeant Ironside.

Sergeant Ironside, meanwhile, was a veteran with the US Army who welded his force of rookies together with his ice-cool command and bravery in the line of fire.

Both character survived beyond the Front Line and transferred to Battle Picture Library in February where they continued their adventures for some years, Ironside last appearing in and Maddock's Marauders in Secret Agent series Johnny Nero, the first of the two Secret Agent series fleetway super library comics, was actually a former MI5 agent who had left after inheriting a fortune; fleetway super library comics life as a rich industrialist boring, he was often tempted back into the world of spying by his one-time boss, Colonel Jason.


Stupendous, which was called Fantastic during the first month of its existence, followed the exploits of the Steel Claw from Valiant and the Spider from Lion ; the military-themed Front Line starred Fleetway super library comics Marauders and Top-Sergeant Ironsideboth of whom would migrate to Battle Picture Library following the demise of Super Library; fleetway super library comics finally Secret Agent told the stories of Johnny Nero and the Lion hero Barracuda.

Super Library was not long-lived: Steve Holland has argued that it could be regarded as Britain's first series of graphic novels.