For Keeps by Natasha Friend - book cover, description, publication history. "For Keeps" By: Natasha Friend EXposition. Characters Josie Liv (Josie's Best Friend) Kate (Josie's Mom) Paul Tucci (Josie's Dad) Big Nick. Josie's never met her dad, and that's fine with her. To Josie, Paul Tucci is just a guy who got her mom pregnant and then moved away.


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She was the perfect foil to Josie's anti-boy stance and she opened Josie's eyes to so many possibilities and for keeps natasha friend that she never would have considered on her own. Josie is such a stubborn character; she needed someone like Liv to pester her into opening her eyes.

I very much enjoyed Josie and Matt's relationship.

Josie's reluctance to enter into a relationship with any boy - let alone Matt, with whom she has a complicated history - added the perfect amount of tension to the plot. It often seems that after the two main characters finally admit their feelings for one another, the book is all but over, but that wasnt' so with FOR KEEPS.

Friend touched on some other true to life issues that often occur in relationships, keeping Matt and Josie's relationship interesting. I found this satisfying and much more realistic, which I think is important in YA literature.

I also for keeps natasha friend that I for keeps natasha friend briefly mention the letters. Now, I can't really say what letters. Or who they were from.


Or what they were about. I loved the letters!

They were absolutely perfect and allowed me to forge a connection to the character that had written for keeps natasha friend, a connection that I fear would not have been nearly as strong without said letters. I like that all the loose ends were wrapped up and the reader is left with a happy image in mind.

It might not necessarily for keeps natasha friend real life, but it isn't supposed to be. Friend wrote a compelling novel that tackled many issues - let Josie have her happy ending. Therefore, she is made of win. So, basically, Josie and her mother live in peace, along with her best friend Liv and her two dads, For keeps natasha friend and Dobb not real names, but these are cooler.

And she knows all about her father; Paul Tucci, wealthy family, residence in Arizona, knocked Kate up in high school and moved before Josie was more then a single-cell organism.

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For all she cares, Paul Tucci is a sperm-donor and nothing more. Her mother, however, is still hung up on her ill-fated romance and running into Paul's parents at the store doesn't help none.

For Keeps by Natasha Friend

Josie is forced to deal with her mothers reversion back into teenagerdom while stimutaniously struggling with her own love life. She learns about Life and Love and the Importance of Family.

I'm not entirely sure how I felt about For Keeps. One one hand, everything seemed so rushed and unevenly distributed I felt cheated out for keeps natasha friend a good tear-jerker. I think my main quelm with the book was, again, I felt cheated.

Natasha Friend

Like everyone got the easy way out and the author for keeps natasha friend all these shortcuts and there really, truly should have been more there. More substance, more tears and revelations! Does anyone expect that to happen in the real world?

No, and if you do you shouldn't, because the odds of that actually, for realzies happening is so slim it for keeps natasha friend fit into a pinhead.

Not only this, but everything just felt rushed. You all know what I mean, when problems are solved faster then you can snap your finger and these moments which feel like they should be huge aren't really that huge, just a paragraph or for keeps natasha friend.

It was just very