Ellicott's Commentary for English Readers But the fruit of the Spirit is mentioned in the singular, (Galatians ,) the graces thereof being all consistent, and. V. (1) Stand fast therefore.—The external evidence is very strong in favour of a different reading: With (or, perhaps, For) liberty did Christ make us free. Stand fast. David Guzik commentary on Galatians 5, where Paul makes a final appeal to the church in Galatia to walk in the liberty of Jesus.


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Paul's confidence in the directive power of the Spirit is emphatically asserted in the promise that follows his command: Live by galatians 5 commentary Spirit, and you will not gratify the desires of the sinful nature v.

Paul's use of a double negative in the Greek could be expressed in English by saying, "You will absolutely not gratify the desires of your sinful nature.


Walking is excellent exercise, my doctor says! Walking by the Spirit demands active determination to follow the direction of the Spirit in the power of the Spirit.

Those who follow the Spirit's direction in the Spirit's power will not carry out the evil intentions of their sinful nature. Walking by galatians 5 commentary Spirit excludes the destructive influence of the sinful nature. Walking by the Spirit can transform people who are "biting and devouring each other" into people who are serving each other in love.

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In galatians 5 commentary 17 Paul explains the basis of his confidence in the Spirit. He describes the war between the flesh and the Spirit and the result of that war.

Galatians 5 Commentary - Matthew Henry Commentary on the Whole Bible (Complete)

The Spirit and the sinful nature are two hostile forces opposed to each other: They are in conflict with each other. The Judaizers had emphasized circumcision more than the Old Testament Law had. If this were really true, Paul queries, galatians 5 commentary why not press the matter even further?

If cutting off a little flesh is good, galatians 5 commentary off much flesh is even better. Why not be so pious as to castrate oneself?

Galatians 5 Commentary - Freedom by the Spirit -

Now this is a bit extreme for even the Judaizer. No Jew would ever have considered going this far.


In addition, well known to the Galatian saints was the pagan ritual of the priests of Cybele in which they castrated themselves. To go to galatians 5 commentary extent was to imitate the heathen.

From the Old Testament Scriptures and contemporary culture, the Galatians would recognize castration as too extreme, and yet it galatians 5 commentary the logical extension of their doctrine.


As this illustration graphically reveals, galatians 5 commentary horrifying thought of castration was intended to show the Galatians that the Judaizers had gone too far. Conclusion There are several levels of application which this passage has for Christians in our day and age.

Let us conclude by a consideration of the application of the text to our lives. The first level of application is the most direct. While the Old Testament provides a standard for righteousness, it does not provide us with the means of meeting this standard.

In the day of the Galatian saints, circumcision was a commitment to return to the rule of the Law. Galatians 5 commentary this reason, circumcision was condemned.

Galatians 5 Commentary - Martin Luther's Commentary on Galatians

Today, while circumcision does not have the same implications for Gentile Christians, there are still those who would have us return to living under the Old Testament Law galatians 5 commentary the Judaizers taught.

We must beware of any return to the Law in this sense. Let me hasten to say that this principle does not cast the Old Testament aside.