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That gave me a practice.

GATE – (ECE) – Scitech

What do you feel about the increasing weightage of Numerical Answer Type Questions? How to improve accuracy in order to score well in Numerical Answer Type Questions?

Yes, weightage of NAT questions really increased over past two years. Gate 2015 ece books are kind of conventional questions which appear in semester exams of our colleges.

U just solve the question carefully and write whatever u get!! But you should not make unnecessary approximations in the intermediary steps; that may creep in significant amount of error in the final answer and this might go beyond the range.

What was the motive behind you appearing for GATE exam? When did you start preparing for GATE exam?

Books - gate ece

I started my preparation during my third year of engineering. But I became serious about it after the end of my 6thsemester. Up to what date were you able to complete the course once? What was your target as to how many questions to practice in each subject? What was the sequence in which you prepared gate 2015 ece books subjects?

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As I mentioned, I started my preparation right after the end of my 6th-semester exam. This was a vacation time of almost 2 months From mid-May to mid-July. I ended the entire syllabus once during this period. I used to practice questions from several sources. I tried to solve exercise questions given in the standard textbooks gate 2015 ece books every subject.

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I also solved Gate 2015 ece books from R. I started preparing from Network Theory as this is the most fundamental subject of EC. These were very fundamental subjects and need to be strong. Last but not the least I revised Engineering Mathematics As I was strong in Mathematics, I just took 1 or 2 days to completely revise that subject.

GATE 2016 Solved Paper ECE Set A (30th January 2016 Forenoon Session)

GATE exam will consist of mix blend of objective as well as subjective questions. Total marks of GATE will comprise of 65 questions containing 5 questions of general aptitude 25 MCQ questions of 1 mark each and gate 2015 ece books questions of 2 marks each for engineering maths and technical subjects Our study package which is intended to serve as a complete guide for all the aspirants preparing for competitive exams like GATEIES, UPSC etc includes problems based on fundamental, theoretical and conceptual understanding with a question bank of over questions.

These are presented in very lucid manner that every student will find it easy as well as gate 2015 ece books to grasp every concepts described in the coursework. Exam Centre Experience Agam shared that his exam center was at Jaipur.

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Some were looking tense some were studying from their books and some were too relaxed like me. I had one thing in my mind that if I got tensed or worried about the result I would definitely do many mistake.

It increases the chances gate 2015 ece books mistakes. Talk to people around to release the physcological stress.