CE Civil Engineering. Section 1: Engineering Mathematics. Linear Algebra: Matrix algebra; Systems of linear equations; Eigen values and Eigen vectors. Aerospace Engineering, AE. Agricultural Engineering, AG. Architecture and Planning, AR. Biotechnology, BT. Civil Engineering, CE. Chemical Engineering, CH. Syllabus for GATE Civil Engineering: Section 1: Engineering Mathematics Linear Algebra: Matrix algebra; Systems of linear equations; Eigen values and Eigen  What's the syllabus-wise important topics for the GATE civil.


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Each question under this group will carry two marks. These questions are of problem solving type.


A problem statement is followed by two questions based on the problem statement. The two questions are designed such that the solution to the second question depends upon the answer to the first one. In other words, the first answer is gate syllabus ce intermediate step in working out the second answer.


Each question in such linked answer questions will carry two marks. The GATE exam is not very easy to crack and requires gate syllabus ce smart study plan, focus and grit to score well.

GATE Civil Engineering Syllabus 2019 with Weightage, Download PDF!

Practical gate syllabus ce in-depth knowledge of concepts and theories is very essential to fetch high marks. The GATE examination has multiple choice and numerical type of questions, hence it requires lot of practice to score high marks.

Gate syllabus ce year question papers can help a lot. A thorough Practice can help to analyze weak areas and you can concentrate on revising them.

GATE Syllabus of Civil (Civil Engineering) & Subject Wise | Topic Wise Question & Answer

Also, time your speed of solving the papers to get accustomed to attempting within the allotted time. Concentrate on both theory as well as numerical problems. Fourier series; separation of variables; solutions of onedimensional diffusion equation; first and second order one-dimensional wave equation and gate syllabus ce Laplace equation.

Definitions of probability and sampling theorems; Conditional probability; Discrete Random variables: Poisson and Binomial distributions; Continuous random variables: Accuracy and precision; error gate syllabus ce.

Structural Engineering Engineering Mechanics: Bending moment and shear force in statically determinate beams; Simple stress and strain relationships; Theories of failures; Simple gate syllabus ce theory, flexural and shear stresses, shear centre; Uniform torsion, buckling of column, combined and direct bending stresses.

Slope deflection and moment distribution methods; Influence lines; Stiffness and flexibility methods of structural analysis. Construction Materials and Management: Structural steel - composition, material properties and behaviour; Concrete - constituents, mix design, short-term and long-term properties; Bricks and mortar; Timber; Bitumen.

Working stress, Gate syllabus ce state and Ultimate load design concepts; Design of beams, slabs, columns; Bond and development length; Prestressed concrete; Analysis of beam sections at transfer and service loads.


Working stress and Limit state design concepts; Design of tension and compression members, beams and beam- columns, column bases; Connections - simple and eccentric, beam-column connections, plate girders and trusses; Plastic analysis of beams and frames.

Gate syllabus ce Engineering Soil Mechanics: