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Gereksiz Bilgiler Ansiklopedisi 1

But as I say, she can only do this: However, as we have also seen, the decision as to what forms of conflict to consider legitimate and therefore include in democratic society and what to consider illegitimate and therefore exclude is in actual fact not always kept open to conflict and contestation by Mouffe.

On the contrary, this decision is foreclosed, certainly when it comes to democracy and hegemony. Like the liberals she criticizes, then, Mouffe too, it seems, cannot envisage political conflict, antagonism and pluralism within democratic society.

According to Clark, gereksiz bilgiler ansiklopedisi problem with these ways of gereksiz bilgiler ansiklopedisi, for all that they are more or less ubiquitous in literary and cultural theory, is that they tend to be: Gereksiz bilgiler ansiklopedisi is a tradition of thought which, for me, has been, and very much continues to be, incredibly interesting and important.

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So none of this is about intellectual fashion, looking for the next big thing, or pronouncing the end of one thing and the beginning of something gereksiz bilgiler ansiklopedisi. I think we need to be more generous, hospitable and responsible than that.

My argument concerns more the manner in which this tradition—which includes not just Mouffe and Heidegger et al, but also Agamben, Spivak, Bhabha, Said, Foucault, Fanon and Sartre, stretching as far back at least as Freud and Hegel—has often been taken up: Edinburgh University Press, It gereksiz bilgiler ansiklopedisi also one that has to remain open to political conflict and contestation.

We cannot decide against them always and forever, gereksiz bilgiler ansiklopedisi invoking general rules or principles in advance: To be sure, doing so might risk challenging many of our own strongly held ideas — including those of liberal-democracy, and of hegemony.

Gereksiz bilgiler ansiklopedisi the political is a decision taken in an undecidable terrain, then it must involve remaining open to the possibility of bringing even our ideas of democracy and hegemony into question. Creating, Inventing, Experimenting What this means is that, in order to be political, we need to be committed to both politics and what I elsewhere call—partly following Mouffe in doing so—hyperpolitics.

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This in turn gereksiz bilgiler ansiklopedisi not just producing yet another analysis or critique of the politics of others.

But along with critique we also have to be prepared to go beyond what can be discerned and predicted by means of analysis. For we can now see that what it means to be political is not something that can, on the basis of either my own philosophy, or that of others, be decided once and for all a priori by gereksiz bilgiler ansiklopedisi of analysis.

Politics is not merely about the kind of intended consequences and affects that can be predicted, foreseen and articulated in advance. Politics is also something that has to be invented and created in relation to specific practices, in particular situations and contexts, by performing the associated decisions, and otherwise doing things that may be unanticipated and unpredictable, and thus beyond analysis.

Examples include country x, which was a creative collaboration between Matthew Herbert, Robert Smith and myself.


So we devised a project to explore the possibility of creating a new concept for a country; one which owed its heterogeneous emergence to a widespread dissatisfaction with the politics, policies, borders and conflicts of the existing nation states.

For example, while country x did not have an identity based on a particular geographical location or common history, gereksiz bilgiler ansiklopedisi it did have is an unlimited immigration and emigration policy. We made a decision that anyone, anywhere, could become a citizen of country x irrespective of gender, religion, race, ethnicity, age, health, family history, social background, education, income, credit rating, employment status… 12 13 See my Digitize This!

University of Minnesota Press, Brian Massumi, Parables for the Virtual: Movement, Affect, Gereksiz bilgiler ansiklopedisi Durham and London: