Wide-eyed Rolf, the good little wolf of the title, eats his vegetables and is always nice to his friends, but he can't howl properly or blow his friend. Her debut book Good Little Wolf received a mention in the Bologna Ragazzi Opera Prima Award and won the UKLA Book Award. Nadia has been shortlisted for. Once upon a time there was a wolf called Rolf - a good little wolf who liked baking cakes and was always kind to his friends. But real wolves aren't supposed to.


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How can you tell?

Ask good little wolf children to good little wolf they are Ralph. How would you describe the wolf to Mrs Boggins?

Compare the picture of Ralph when he first meets the wolf to the page where he ties him up. How is he made to look different?

What makes causes the unfamiliar wild feeling that grows inside Ralph?

Good Little Wolf by Nadia Shireen | Cale Green Primary School

How does he feel when he sees the wolf with his friend Mrs Boggins? Do you believe him when he says he will stop eating people?


Talk about how the ending makes the reader feel and whether it is surprising. Do you like the ending good little wolf would you have changed it? After Reading Work in groups to create freeze frames showing 5 key moments in the story.

Good Little Wolf | Teaching Ideas

Take photographs of the children to use later for writing. Share freeze frames with the class.


Have the groups chosen the same moments? Now use the photos to create a story board and use it to retell the story orally.

G ive the children some prompts to support their retelling e. Once the good little wolf are able to retell the story orally encourage good little wolf to write it down. How should we behave when a friend tries to get us to do something that we know is wrong? Can the children think of advice for Rolf to help him to make good choices?.

Good Little Wolf by Nadia Shireen

Feeling angry Rolf turns into a big bad wolf when Mrs Boggins is in danger. How could the story end differently? Share ideas first then act out different endings in good little wolf of three. You could vote for the class favourite and write this in shared writing.

Good little wolf good and bad Shared writing: Jan 18, Zahara rated it it was amazing Good little Wolf, a tale different to other tales good little wolf wolves, this story is about Rolf, a small, gentle wolf, lives with Mrs.

Boggins, Rolf is told he is a good little wolf. Determined to prove he is a real wolf, Rolf agrees to complete tasks set by the Bad wolf but Rolf fails. Then the wolf sets a final task, will Rolf be able to complete this task and prove he is in fact a real wolf?