Download Citation on ResearchGate | Gray's Anatomy, 39th Edition | Edited by S Standring. Churchill Livingstone: Elsevier, , ISBN This icon. Grays Anatomy 39th Edition Free PDF Download For More PDF medical Books Visit An historical introduction to Gray's Anatomy Ruth Richardson of figures based on an extensive ophthalmological collection by the late Gordon Ruskell (39,40).


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Does it provide the information in a comprehensible and memorable fashion?

Gray's Anatomy, 39th Edition

Does it provide gray anatomy 39th link between applied anatomy and clinical practice? Content The book is now based on seven body systems to best reflect clinical practice. It also makes it gray anatomy 39th to navigate the chapters to get to an area of interest. There has also been an update of text, over new illustrations and an increase number of magnetic resonance, computed tomography, and other radiological and operative images used by specialists and generalists.


The book also comes with a PIN code, which enables the reader to link to a website providing the complete text in an electronic format as well as updates. Unsurprisingly on reviewing my chosen 15 areas of interest I found the content more than adequate for the practicing emergency clinician and those gray anatomy 39th to take the Part A exam.

What was unexpected was the number of errors in the text and figures. These vary from the anally retentive—for example, getting the components of the bifurcated ligament gray anatomy 39th wrong way round pg —to clinically important—for example, mislabelling the mitral and tricuspid valves fig It is always easy to criticise and I am aware that a work of this magnitude will have things that will creep under the radar irrespective of the 50 reviewers credited with carrying out this job for the 19 editors.

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gray anatomy 39th Comprehensibility From its first edition, diagrams have been the biggest use in explaining the anatomy.

This edition is no exception—some of the figures verge on being works of art as well a clearly providing a clear message.

Gray's Anatomy - Wikipedia

The surface anatomy sections take this one stage further and morph computer generated internal structures onto live human models. The end result is a fascinating series of photographs essential for teaching functional anatomy gray anatomy 39th well as revising sites for local anaesthesia.

Conveniently the textbook comes with two CDs. One has all the figures from the book, which can be down loaded into PowerPoint presentations. The other provides 3D reconstructions of limbs, spine, and heads and neck.

These are useful but less sophisticated then other anatomical software available. Though the line gray anatomy 39th are consistently of a high quality the legends are not.


Besides the occasional mislabelling, the arrows sometimes disappear against the background colour leaving the reader lost as to which structure the label is referring to. Several of the radiographs take this to the ultimate level by having black numbers gray anatomy 39th a black background.

One of the lateral radiographs of the ankle and foot fig I found the text very gray anatomy 39th from the narrative style of Last or the sprinkling of historical anecodotes of Ellis. By and large it was plain and unimaginative with only the occasional summary to help the tired reader clarify his gray anatomy 39th.


There is no prioritising of facts or hints on how gray anatomy 39th them at 2 am in the resuscitation room. It is therefore a classic reference book. There is nothing wrong with this but it does assume that the reader will be able to understand and retain what is being written because it will not be discussed again.

Gross edited the gray anatomy 39th August26th July27th August28th Augustand 29th January Clemente edited and extensively revised the 30th edition October Discrepancies in numbering of American and British editions[ edit ] Sometimes separate editing efforts with mismatches between British and American edition numbering led to the existence, for many years, of two main "flavours" or "branches" of Gray's Anatomy: This can easily cause misunderstandings and confusion, especially when gray anatomy 39th from or trying to purchase a certain edition.