Henry Gantt was an American engineer and management consultant who is known for his planning methodology, the Gantt Chart. Read more about his. Henry L. Gantt, The mechanical engineer today is carrying forward, under the direction of science, the work that was begun by the mechanic who first. Article about the life and work of Henry Laurence Gantt . Peterson, P. Training and development: the view of Henry L Gantt .


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Quotes[ edit ] The greatest problem before engineers and managers today is the economical utilization of labor.

The limiting of output by the workman, and the limiting by the employer of the amount a workman is allowed to earn, are both factors which militate against that harmonious co-operation of employer and employee which is essential to their highest common henry l gantt. Gantt Work, Wages, and Profits: Their Influence on henry l gantt Cost of Living.

Henry Gantt - Wikiquote

The aim of our efficiency has not been to produce goods, but to harvest dollars The production of goods was always secondary to the securing of dollars. Polakov "The measurement of human work" in: Wallace Clark The Gantt henry l gantt, a working tool of management.


New York, Ronald Press. Finance and industry must be socialized somehow. If we refuse to do it from the bottom we shall have to do it from the top, and doing it henry l gantt the top means the emergence of many Prussias — with wars upon wars.

Henry Gantt

Henry Gantt cited in: Highlighted section quoted in: Work, Wages, and Profits: Scientific investigation is rapidly putting at our disposal vast amounts of knowledge concerning materials and forces, which it is the business of the engineer to utilize for the benefit of the community.

Well-designed plants and efficiency labor-saving devices, to be seen on every hand, bear henry l gantt that he is doing at least a portion of his work well. When, however, it comes to the operation of these plants and the utilization of these labor-saving devices, the lack of co-operation between employer and employee, and the inefficient utilization of labor, very much impair their henry l gantt.

The increase of this efficiency is essentially the problem of the managerand the amount to which it can be increased by proper study is, in most cases, so great as to be almost henry l gantt.

We cannot drive people; we must direct their development The general policy of the past has been to drive, but the era of force must give way to that of knowledgeand the policy of the future will be to teach and to lead, to the advantage of all concerned" Gantt Work, Wages, and Profits: Their Influence on the Cost of Living, p.

Wren The evolution of management thought. Industrial leadership, [ edit ] Henry Henry l gantt. GanttIndustrial leadershipNew Haven: There is another and higher leadership, that of the intellect, by which the methods and thoughts of one man may affect the whole civilized world. Such a man was the late Frederick Winslow Taylor who, in his determination to eliminate error and to base henry l gantt industrial relations on fact, set an example which will have an effect all over the world p.

He believed that businesses have obligations to the welfare of the society in which they operate. Gantt chart A Gantt chart showing three kinds of schedule dependencies in red and percent complete indications.

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Gantt created many different types of charts. Modern project management software includes this critical function. Gantt describes two types of balances: Henry l gantt gives an example with orders that will require many days to complete.