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The years after the war had been full of anxiousness, Ende maintained, everything was seen in a socio-critical, political, … rationalistic way and historia sin fin postwar years pulled people further into a spiral of negativity, rage, bitterness and moroseness.

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Ende refuses to accept this exclusivity applied to literature and art. For him it was time to return to the world its sacred secret and give the people their dignity back: Michael Ende follows this principle as well and is historia sin fin for a utopia for society historia sin fin order to renew its values.

In doing so, he moves in a poetic landscape constructed based on the principles of the four cardinal historia sin fin Nevertheless, the mysteries of the world are revealed only to those who are willing to let themselves be transformed by them.

To dive into this utopian world, Ende and his readers have to be open to free and aimless imagination. In his lecture in Japan, Ende illustrated how the free creative play of writing, due to its unplanned approach, becomes an adventure in itself. In regard to the development of The Neverending Story, he says that he literally fought for his life with this story.

If a human does not become historia sin fin real adult - an unenchanted, mundane, sophisticated, crippled being, living in an unenchanted, mundane and sophisticated world of so-called facts - then the child continues to live within him and represents the future until the very last day of their life.

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He chose a fairy tale format for artistic and poetic reasons. He says if one wanted to tell tales of certain wonderful occurrences, then they had to depict the world in such a way that such occurrences were possible and probable in it.

In a television interview with Heide Adams, he claimed that if he had become a painter, he would have drawn like Marc Chagall. Working from this perspective, Michael Ende modifies Friedrich Nietzsche's statement that "In every man there is a hidden child that wants to play" to his own thesis: In every human being there is a hidden child that wants historia sin fin play.

Ende considers art as the highest historia sin fin of such play.

For Michael Ende, poetry as well as the visual arts, primarily fulfill a therapeutic task because being born historia sin fin the wholeness of the artist; both could return this wholeness to man.

In a sick society, the poet takes on the historia sin fin of a doctor who tries to cure, save and console people.

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But if he is a good doctor, Ende says, he will not try to teach or improve his patients. Ende has kept true to this principle. But his historia sin fin myth is above all a renewal of the old. To establish that, Ende uses a variety of literary references.

He uses well-known motifs and avails himself of numerous mythologies: Historia sin fin book is predominately read by adults, who may, after reading it, resolve to give greater consideration to their creative, associative and emotional side of the brain.

The novel mainly stresses the importance of dreaming. Its main point is to approach imagination with an open mind, as it supposedly shapes the perception of reality and thereby helps to bring something fantastic into everyday life. The ideas conveyed by The Neverending Story are the following: Learning how to perceive the mundane as something magical which will eventually shape the worldview.

historia sin fin


Historia sin fin how to love every human being as love is the most basic human desire. These conclusions might be trivial, but they are reoccurring motifs and serve an important purpose in the novel. Historia sin fin believes that imaginativeness and fictional thinking are neither a good nor a bad thing but that any kind of action will be judged based on a social perception of morality.