The human body is an amazing thing. But apart from the tremendous opportunities it gives us, it also makes us vulnerable. Indeed, unlike Achilles, the body of an. Here are some basic self-defense techniques that can keep you safe: these pressure points so you can defend yourself and get to safety. About the best pressure points for self defence and martial arts to use today in our points share the same adverse effect when struck on today's human body?


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One of the best dim human pressure point self-defense pressure points is Stomach 9, point application shown by Grandmaster Pier Tsui-Po In your study of pressure points, it is important for you to know that in the past few decades, some ancient pressure points have been replaced with others that are more effective for our modern society.

Centuries ago, senior masters of Chinese martial arts developed the art and science of deadly pressure point fighting.

Since then, various graduates of the Shaolin martial arts temple have categorised one set human pressure point self-defense dim mak pressure points.

These were made up of two groups: Human pressure point self-defense were also other sets of points that have not been disclosed openly to the public; they have been reserved for trusted and long human pressure point self-defense disciples of some kung fu Masters, for example, the Never Walk Again Point.

Dim mak pressure point fighting and healing has not and is not, a stagnated art. Much has changed since these ancient masters categorised the points: With the advent of modern medicine and technology, and a greater understanding of the human body and how it functions, the effects of trauma to some points can be treated in hospitals and by doctors.

In addition, people are stronger these days, our immune systems have adapted to deal with a wider range of diseases, illnesses and injuries, and each successive generation can become stronger mentally, physically and emotionally.

While human pressure point self-defense is great news for the human race, it means that the effectiveness of human pressure point self-defense pressure point as an injury point may have shifted— not the location of the point itself, just its adverse effects on the mental and physical aspects of the body.

Disorientation Loss of consciousness If we take it one step further, we can divide pressure point fighting into one of three possible categories: Three Types of Pressure Point Fighting Pain compliance pressure point fighting Blood flow pressure point fighting Impact pressure point fighting What are Knockout Pressure Points The term "knockout pressure points" is vague and paradoxical and does not always literally mean "pressure points to knock someone out".

Pressure Point Fighting

This is because the words "knock out" often means different things to different people, especially martial artists. For example, according to some practitioners of karate, knockout pressure points are those targets which cause brief dizziness for the adversary while other martial artists see it as targets that create a significant form of human pressure point self-defense that causes your knees to weaken or buckle.

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  • 9 Self-Defense Pressure Points That Can Save Your Life One Day
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Pressure point fighting techniques that simply promote "transitory dizziness" are inadequate for real world self defense conditions. In human pressure point self-defense cases, they will not work on psychotics, drunks or drugged assailants as well as many other real world conditions.

Consider the dangers of applying one of those dubious martial arts pressure points or what I like to call "dizzying techniques" on an enraged attacker high on PCP.


It's enough to press slightly on the eyes, resulting in a lot of tears. Then you'll have a chance to escape until the attacker sees again.

Use this technique only as a last resort.


Hands The human hands are littered with a multitude of nerve endings. If you strongly press the area between your opponent's fingers, they will most likely lose their composure and weaken their grip.

Tibialis anterior muscle A hard blow to the tibial may break it. As a result of such a blow, they'll feel pain that leads to nausea and an inability to step on the limb. If the fracture is very severe, splinters of human pressure point self-defense can tear blood vessels.

Shock, nausea, and complete immobilization are almost inevitable.

Best Pressure Points for Self Defence and Martial Arts

Parotid lymph node Human pressure point self-defense you have 2 choices: Sharply press a finger or a second phalange of the bent finger behind the earlobe into the pit between the jaw and neck, or slightly higher on the mastoid process.

Take the grip of the ear in a fist - it may be necessary to scratch the entire ear with the palm of your hand. Dash the lobe from the bottom up, twisting human pressure point self-defense ear up and toward yourself.