Ignorance sees Kundera tackling a humanly richer theme than in his last few books. Two exiles, Irena and Josef, respectively settled in Paris. Ignorance: A Novel [Milan Kundera] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A New York Times Notable Book Irena and Josef meet by chance. Ignorance intermixes the story of Odysseus with popular Kundera themes of nostalgia and self understanding.


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I think this is another interesting theme of the book - that we don't share memories, that we remember different things, and this is quite a frightening thing in the book.

But for Irena, to meet Josef - he represents for her the possibility of a nice future and something more. Ignorance kundera it's ignorance kundera little bit cynical on his part.


I think this says something ignorance kundera Kundera's ambivalent relationship with the Czech Republic. Kundera didn't even want to publish it in France.

Book Review: Ignorance by Milan Kundera

In Paris it was published one or two years later, if I remember well. So I think it shows the ambivalence of the relationship between Kundera and French critics, because the two books that he wrote before, "Slowness" and "Identity", ignorance kundera very different from what the public was used to, the style is more existentialist, less funny, there is less humour - that ignorance kundera Czech humour - for which Kundera was so much appreciated.

So I think he decided not to publish it in French, and we don't have this book in the Czech language.

And I think that is a little bit the same, because readers of Kundera prefer his ignorance kundera books. They don't like his recent books so much, which they find very French and different from the Czech mentality.

Milan Kundera's "Ignorance", a novel that offers insight into exile and memory | Radio Prague

Josef too is looking for a kind of escape, but neither really ignorance kundera it. In the end, the relationships throughout the novel are vastly unsatisfying. This is, of course, the point.


Love is fleeting, and ultimately meaningless, as Josef develops a post-death relationship with his wife that has little to do ignorance kundera her as a person. It was written in in French and published in It ignorance kundera translated into English in by Linda Asher, for which she was awarded the Scott Moncrieff Prize the following year.

The Germans rarely use the Greek-derived term Nostalgie, and tend to say Sehnsucht in speaking of the desire for an absent thing.

But Sehnsucht can refer both to something that has existed and to something that has never existed a new adventureand therefore it does not necessarily imply ignorance kundera nostos idea; to include in Sehnsucht the obsession with returning would require adding a complementary phrase: There are also inane, inchoate parallels between Irene and Ignorance kundera early girlfriend, whose suicide attempt was born of overpowering "nostalgia" for a dawning past, and also resulted in "amputation".

Yet the novel is propelled by Kundera's ignorance kundera probing of the mythology of home, the delusions of roots.


Nostalgia, from the Greek nostos return and algos sufferingis the "suffering caused by an unappeased yearning to return". Provocatively, the novel suggests an inverse relationship ignorance kundera memory and nostalgia: Memory, however, relies on collective reinforcement.

Josef opts to return to Denmark, realising that if he stays in Prague he ignorance kundera lose the memory of his dead wife, whom no one asks after.