India's Growing Afghanistan Challenge. May 10, India's Growing Afghanistan Challenge. As the security situation in Afghanistan deteriorates, what are the. Independence Day, 70 Independence Day, afghanistan, india afghan, . India's relationship with Afghanistan has been based on the principle. Bilateral relations between the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the Republic of India have traditionally been strong and friendly. While the Republic of India  ‎History · ‎Since · ‎India Afghanistan · ‎Indian embassy and.


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This position has found support in recent leaks of classified information by WikiLeaks.

This visit further strengthened bilateral relations, and Prime Minister Singh pledged further aid for Afghanistan. The attack killed at least 17 people.

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The September assassination of former Afghan president Burhanuddin Rabbani was condemned by India, which stated that, "Tragically, the forces of terror and india afghanistan relations have silenced yet another powerful voice of reason and peace in Afghanistan.

We unreservedly condemn this act of great brutality," and reiterated the steadfast support of the people and government of India in Afghanistan's "quest for peace and efforts to strengthen the roots of democracy".

India afghanistan relations strategic partnership is to support Afghanistan. The agreement we signed with our friend will not affect our brother. The attack will not dilute India's development assistance and its contribution to rehabilitation and reconstruction of Afghanistan," India's ambassador to Kabul Amar Sinha said at the time.

Modi said "It will stand as an enduring symbol of the ties of emotions and values, of india afghanistan relations and aspirations that bind us in a special relationship".

From Afghanistan with love & sincerity

india afghanistan relations President Ghani tweeted "Though, India and Afghanistan need no introduction, we are bound by a thousand ties… We have stood by each other in the best and worst of times".

Water from the dam will also serve irrigation purposes. The dam is expected to help Afghanistan capitalize on opportunities that will open up once the India backed Chabahar project, linking the port in Iran to Central Asia's road and railway networks, is completed.

This stability and peace are important for India with respect to her concerns with her own internal security prevalence of militancy and insurgency in Jammu and Kashmir has been co-terminus with the rise of religious fundamentalist groups in Afghanistan, which is attributed to their india afghanistan relations siphoned off to India in a bid to wage a proxy-war against the Indian peoples, by their handlers whose nationality has been found to be questionable.

Important initiatives taken by India in bolstering the India-Afghanistan relationship: Indian Army's Border Roads Organisation constructed a road in inn a remote province in Afghanistan Nimrozwhich has been used since india afghanistan relations a duty free route for goods from India, through the Chabbar Port in Iran, to Afghanistan circumventing Pakistan.


MoUs to strengthen co-operation in the fields of rural development and education; co-ordination between BIS and Afghanistan National Standardisation Authority. Construction will india afghanistan relations in Turkmenistan inas per news reports from the country.

With the retreat of American soldiers from Afghanistan Decemberit is expected that ties between India and Afghanistan will be strengthened in order to maintain peace in the land-locked country. This partnership may well be in the form india afghanistan relations training being offered to the Afghanistani military something that Pakistan feels is unnecessary.


India, india afghanistan relations a prominent nation in SAARC, will ensure Afghanistan sees development and is supported financially in order to achieve the much needed stability and peace in the country, through such development.

TAPI is one such initiative that is expected to cater to Afghanistan's energy needs.

We want to get back to our roots and resist the axe that wants to divide us Afghans. Much before the dark era of the Taliban or the Cold War, we are searching for and want to revive our historic roots as india afghanistan relations.

A look at India-Afghanistan relations - The Hindu

In this endeavor, India can do far more with and for Afghanistan. Afghanistan in not in search of a new identity.

We are defending an identity that some in our neighborhood have tried to snatch from us, corrupt and belittle us with madrassa-born ideologies.