JASO D 001 94 PDF

International Test and Compliance Standards including JASO D Environmental Testing Methods for Automotive Electronic Equipment at Advanced Test. JASO D Written by the Japanese Automotive Standards Organization in , this standard is mostly obsolete, but some users perform these tests for. Request Quote · About. > Resources>Compliance Standards>Automotive (ISO, GMW, SAE, FORD, JASO)> JASO D

JASO D 001 94 PDF

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JASO D 001 94 PDF

TC of Electric system Investigating Committee: Scope This standard specifies a uniform test method in order to evaluate the performance of automotive electronic equipment hereinafter referred to as "equipment" under various environmental conditions, which use a power supply of nominal.

Classification of tests The classification of tests shall be in accordance with Table. Definitions Definitions of major terms used in this standard are as follows: Test methods higher than 0.

JASO D 001 94 PDF

Where any imitated load may be employed over such specimen, should any effect be 5. The power supply system to generate the test voltages specified jaso d 001 94 Table 2, input device s 4.

Test specimen shall have been adjusted as required in accordance with the specification in 5.

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Equipment for a normal specification Vehicle Class 2: Limited fo equipments of special specification vehicles under the agreement,between the persons concerned where, Vl: Frequency of repetition Fig.

Power supply device of W 5.

Input device s and loading device s. The test specimen shall be operated under the test voltage having been applied thereto, after the operation of test specimen is stabilized, output of power source micro interruption equipment shall be micro interrupted and whether any abnormity exist or not of specimen shall be confirmed jaso d 001 94 recorded.

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In case where no abnormality, is found after, applying the test voltage for. Remoying the power supply device, carry out the test specified in 5. As agreed between the persons concerned.

JASO D 001 94 PDF

jaso d 001 94 Exponential function type decaying positive polarity transient voltage Type B and Type E Exponentia function type decaying negative polarity transient voltage; however, for the equipment which is always connected to the power supply, the test voltage shall be agreed between the persons concerned.

Type C and Type F: Transient voltage induced by induction Vp: Decaying time constant Time required until the voltage decays to Frequency of repetition Ri: Output impedance of the test voltage generating circuit Fig.

JASO D001-94

Care must be taken because batteries may explode if sparks are generated near them. Power source jaso d 001 94 charge on capacitor C E1: Power supply device for Operation of test specimen Remark The constant of each circuit element shall be as listed Table 4.

Values in are reference values for the resistor power ratings. Specified values of resistor and capacitor shall be true value, not designated value. Power supply device for operation of test specimen Remarks 1.