Java performance tuning guide - various tips on improving performance of your Java code. Performance tuning doesn't have to be complicated. Here are several simple things you can do to improve the performance of your application. Tuning Garbage Collection with the Java Virtual Machine Performance Tuning Code Samples from Java Platform Performance: Strategies and Tactics.


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They must also have a comparison point to be able to know if their improvements have improved anything, and if so, by how much.

Java Performance Documentation

The easiest way to achieve both these goals is to use a java performance tuning. The profiler will give you the tools to find which portion of the code is actually slow and how long it is taking. Armed with that knowledge java performance tuning can be assured that you are optimizing the correct portion of the code and your changes have a measurable effect.


Sometimes this could be as simple as changing the data structure you are storing your data in. In any of the tips pages, use your browser's "find" or "search" option to identify particular tips you are interested in on the page, and follow up by reading the referenced web page if necessary or desired.

The resources page lists Java performance tuning resources java performance tuning books, tools, reports, other performance tuning sites of interest, and Java performance tuning discussion groups. The news pages are monthly newsletters listing any new Java performance tuning related information, together with Kirk Pepperdine's discussion group roundup and Javva The Hutt.

You need to reduce some or all java performance tuning these until you get to about 30 redraws per second. Don't draw actors or images that cannot be seen. If an actor is not moving then incorporate the actor java performance tuning part of the background.

Java Performance Optimization

Only redraw the area that has changed, e. Redrawing several small areas is frequently java performance tuning than drawing one large area. For the redraws, eliminate overlapping areas and merge adjacent close areas so that the number of redraws is kept to a minimum.

Put slow and fast drawing requirements in separate threads. Bounding-box detection can use circles for the java performance tuning box which requires a simple radii detection.

Load sounds in a background thread. Make sure you have a throttle control java performance tuning can make the game run slower or pause when necessary.

The optimal network topology for network games depends on the number of users. If the cumulative downloading of your applet exceeds the player?

Java performance tuning tips

The user interface should always be responsive. A non-responsive window means you will lose your players. Give feedback on necessary delays.

Provide distractions when unavoidable delays will be java performance tuning [more than a few seconds]. Transmission time varies, and is always slow compared to operations on the local hardware.


You may need to decide the outcome of the action locally, then broadcast the java performance tuning of the action.

This may require some synchronization resolution. Latency between networked players can easily lead to de-synchronized action and player frustration.


On update, the actual current situation should be smoothly resolved with the simulated current situation. Sending activity updates more frequently ensures smoother play and better synchronization between networked players, but java performance tuning more CPU effort and so affects the local display.

In order to avoid adversely affecting local displays, send actvity updates from a low priority thread.