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So that every other tune is 10X easier to understand. The Core Lesson Materials Each jazz standard study includes three important core materials to support your learning experience.

12 Classic Jazz Standards BB EB & Bass Clef Sheet Music Minus One Book 2 CD

The Chord Map The Chord Map shows you all of the chords in the song, including basic piano and guitar voicings, but most jazz standards bass clef, the chord tones in each chord.

The Guide Tones Chart The Guide Tones Chart identifies the important notes you need to target in each chord and shows you how to connect these together. It serves as a great tool to jump-start your improvisation. It walks you through a roman numeral analysis of the chords, with color-coding to help organize and make sense of the harmony.

Helps you actually finish the book. So jazz standards bass clef you get the full benefits.

Helps you take action. By getting assignments and posting on the Community Discussion Board.

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In-depth video tutorials of the chords analysis of each song. I go deeper into these to help you understand them better.

A community to help motivate and inspire you.

12 More Classic Jazz Songs B Flat E Bass Clef Instruments Music Book & CD Swing | eBay

All four instrument versions of the book, downloadable from the course dashboard. Exclusively for companion course takers.

Brent in his newest publication achieves freshness, rigor, and jazz standards bass clef learning appealing and attractive. The layout of the e-book is beyond delight. And so he says: Thank you for this gift! I really like the training approach in this material!


I also reasoned that in the end I'd probably profit from having them available [in the Real Book], that eventually guys who played them would grow up and record them, and I'd make money in that way.

And that turned out to jazz standards bass clef the case, it turned out to have been a wise financial decision.


At the request of the guys who did the book, I also contacted Carla Bley and Steve Kuhn jazz standards bass clef a few other people who wrote tunes, that I knew, and [I] jazz standards bass clef the situation to them and asked them if they wanted their tunes in the book as well, and both [Bley and Kuhn] decided that they did, and gave these guys a bunch of their lead sheets, as I gave mine.

I thought it was a good thing; that's about the extent of my involvement.

Then I watched these guys finally get the book together. One of them had a beautiful manuscript that subsequently became classic—it's called the Real Book font, and it imitates with uncanny accuracy his hand.


He went on to be a big-time music copyist in Hollywood The irony is that shorty after the book was put out, some other people realized they could photocopy it and sell it themselves, and the two guys who did all the work and jazz standards bass clef the book together made a lot less money than they had hoped to because there were imitation Real Books out there almost immediately The Real Book was imperfect; jazz standards bass clef were wrong changes throughout it, but it was tremendously more accurate than what existed previously.

And also, it was a lot more legible; it was easy to read.