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Jennifer haymore purebred Hawaiian, Haymore has a great love for the jennifer haymore and prides herself on being an expert in a number of outdoor activities. She is an avid surfer, can fly a plane, races bicycles, and loves sailing. Similar to many prolific novelists, Haymore was an avid reader right from childhood, where she very nearly destroyed her eyesight by reading under the covers far into the night with a flashlight.

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Jennifer Haymore always knew she wanted to be a writer, though it took quite jennifer haymore time for her to get going. Her first foray into the world of authorship was when she was in high school where she wrote her first novel, a historical fantasy.

The novel was a spin on the legend jennifer haymore Atlantis, which was and still is one of her favorite books. While she had a lot of passion for writing, she would take too many breaks due to marriage and college commitments, that the book was never finished until After finishing the novel a week before the birth of her daughter, the writing bug hit her and she made a decision to become a professional writer once again.

Upon making the decision to resume her writing career, she has gone on to write 29 historical romance novels.

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While she had decided to pursue writing again, it was not until that she published her second novel, A Hint of the Wicked, the first novel jennifer haymore the James series. The James series like most contemporary romances is an exploration of the nature of love, which tends to throw caution to the wind when faced with the irresistible femininity or rugged masculinity jennifer haymore a love interest.

All of the series follow the same thematic formula that we have come to expect of a historical romance jennifer haymore.

Jennifer Haymore

While in other novels, jennifer haymore can always predict which two lovers would end up together, you can never do the same with Jennifer, which makes for such a thrilling ride.

Ever since she was a kid, Jennifer had always loved the military hero in both the historical and contemporary jennifer haymore. This may be the explanation for most of her heroes being bold soldiers, who go to fight world wars or are rugged Highlander knights.

That being said, the Highlander series, which combines her two favorite types of hero — the Highlanders and military men, is also the most popular.

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Most of her heroes tend to have an edge to them or a dark past. She asserts that jennifer haymore her the ultimate hero is one that faces the worst forms of hardship yet never loses hope. Ed from the University of California and Los Jennifer haymore. Prior to becoming a professional writer, she had played bit part roles in soap operas, taught inner city children, and sold books.

She currently lives in Southern California with her husband and three children. She spends most of her time cooking or writing her next jennifer haymore at the local coffee shop.


This novel was her first critically acclaimed and commercial success since her first novel. The novel features Sophie the Duchess of Calton as the chief protagonist, torn between two husbands and caught between desire jennifer haymore duty.

Sophie believed that after seven years of mourning the death of her husband Garrett, jennifer haymore no longer had any tears for the man that had been killed fighting at Waterloo.


Moving on from the loss, she married Tristan, his heir and best friend. Giving him her soul and body, she believes that finally she will be able to live her life and be comforted. But the good times do not last, since a few years into their jennifer haymore, Garrett, long believed dead, comes back and demands back his wife, his lands, and title.

Now Sophie is torn jennifer haymore her new love and her first love, and knows that whatever decision she makes will be like a dagger in the soul of one of the men she loves.