Krishnamurtis Notebook has ratings and 14 reviews. When KrishnamurtiOs Notebook first became available in , it was soon realized that it was a sp. lay down, using the book he had just finished sheep than from books," he answered. During the two abashed, and said. 7 quotes from Krishnamurtis Notebook: 'Beyond all explanations which a good brain can give, why do we choose the worse and not the better, why hate rathe.


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Because of this, all things are. Sitting up in bed as usual, it was quiet; the country was asleep, there was no sound and the morning was heavy with clouds.

Krishnamurtis Notebook Quotes

Wherever it has its being, it came suddenly and fully, this benediction with its strength and power. It remained filling the room and beyond, and presently it went, leaving behind a feeling of vastness, whose height was beyond the word.

Yesterday, walking amidst hills, meadows and streams, among pleasant quietness and beauty one was again aware of that strange and deeply moving innocence.

It was quietly, without any resistance, penetrating, entering into every corner and twist of one's mind, cleansing it of all thought and feeling. Jiddu krishnamurti notebook left one empty and complete. jiddu krishnamurti notebook

Suddenly all time had stopped. Each one was aware of its passage. The air was soft and gentle and jiddu krishnamurti notebook that altitude not heavy; the air was clean and pleasant and there was the smell of rain-washed earth.


Walking up the road, one was aware of the beauty of the earth and the delicate line of the steep hills against the evening sky; of the massive, rocky mountain with its glacier and wide field of snow; of the many flowers in the meadows. It was an evening of great beauty and quietness. The jiddu krishnamurti notebook so boisterous, was made muddy by the recent, jiddu krishnamurti notebook rain; it had lost that peculiar bright clarity of mountain water but in a few hours it would again become clear.


As one looked at the massive rocks, with their curves and shapes and the sparkling snow, half-dreamily with no thought in mind, suddenly there jiddu krishnamurti notebook an immense, massive dignity of strength and benediction. It filled the valley on the instant and the mind had no measurement; it was deep beyond the word.


Again there was innocence. On waking early this morning, jiddu krishnamurti notebook was there and meditation was a little thing and all thought died and all feeling had ceased; the brain was utterly quiet. Its record is not the real. It was there, untouchable and unknowable. It would never be what has been: It was an extraordinary morning.

jiddu krishnamurti notebook

This has been going on for four solid months, whatever the environment, whatever the condition of the body. It's never the same and yet the same; it is destruction and never ending creation. Its jiddu krishnamurti notebook and strength are beyond all comparison and word. And it's never continuous; it is death and life.

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The process has been rather acute and it all seems rather unimportant. The jiddu krishnamurti notebook was utterly quiet and it was touched by it. The brain is nourished by reaction and experience; it lives on experience.

But experience is always limiting and conditioning; memory is the machinery jiddu krishnamurti notebook action. Without experience, knowledge and memory, action is not possible but such action is fragmentary, limited.