In January, I picked up Josephine Tey's The Daughter of Time. I was in the mood for a mystery, and this is reputedly a great one. It's a witty. "One of the best mysteries of all time" (The New York Times)—Josephine Tey recreates one of history's most famous—and vicious—crimes in her classic. Unlike Agatha Christie, Dorothy L. Sayers, and Ngaio Marsh, Josephine Tey fiction is confirmed in the opening chapter of The Daughter of Time .


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Fictional accounts are, it seems, heavily influential in forming the opinions of some people in how history unravelled. I have always been mildly amused by josephine tey daughter of time much influence this particular fiction book has had on Ricardians.

Inspector Grant of Scotland Yard is hospitalised, and understandably bored, is brought several portraits by a friend to muse over, being an acknowledged expert in the study of faces through his profession.

The result is a gradual realisation that Richard was, in fact, a good and kind king, unfairly maligned by the Tudors, in particular Sir Thomas More, who becomes something of a villain during the piece.

A Review of ‘The Daughter of Time’

Now, the book is a fantastic read, an impressively gripping work that I finished in little over two days. At one point, the face is even considered to be saintly! I somehow fail to see a real-life inspector acting in such a manner.

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Basically, a nice face in the portrait and the fact that More was a child during the reign of Richard III turn Grant into a rabid Ricardian. From here on in, the inspector is determined to absolve Richard of any wrongdoing, something which, as the book is a fictional account and NOT academic, feels inevitable.

The more Grant learns about Richard, the more the case builds. It is not possible, the inspector muses, for such a popular duke to have become such a rash king, as the historical accounts josephine tey daughter of time.

The Daughter of Time - Wikipedia

They must all be wrong. How can this man, who was a good administrator and excellent military general, also be capable of such unscrupulous and villainous behaviour.

Again, this apparently highly capable police inspector is being very generous to his subject. Richard's own right to the crown was unassailable as he had been both popularly acclaimed King of England by the public as well as legitimately declared to be king by an Act of Parliament known as Titulus Regius which declared, among other things, that Edward IV's marriage to Elizabeth Woodville was a bigamous one since he was already party to a josephine tey daughter of time marriage to Lady Eleanor Talbot at josephine tey daughter of time time.

The Daughter of Time

Consequently, the act declared that all of the deceased king's offspring via this later bigamous partnership — the two young princes and their sister Elizabeth of York — were illegitimate and thus debarred from ascending the throne. His niece and two nephews thus represented no threat to Richard once this act was passed and he had subsequently josephine tey daughter of time the crown.


The two princes were much more of a threat to Henry VII as the foundation of his Tudor claim to the crown was significantly more convoluted than their more immediate Yorkist line of succession as both Edward IV's male offspring and declared heirs and Richard III's nephews. Since Titulus Regius passed josephine tey daughter of time Parliament on 25 June invalidated Elizabeth's claim to accession due to it declaring her and her two brothers as being bastard progeny, one of Henry's first acts as the newly crowned king was to order Parliament to repeal the Titulus Regius act and completely eradicate its existence from its records so that her claim to the throne would once again be legitimate.

This suppression and official eradication of Titulus Regius was so successfully executed josephine tey daughter of time an overlooked manuscript copy of the act wasn't discovered for another hundred years or so. However, in eradicating any trace of Titulus Regius Henry also caused the line of accession to the throne of her two brothers to be similarly legitimate again, hence the two princes now represented a greater obstacle and threat to Henry's usurpation than his marriage to Elizabeth supported it.

Repeal and retroactive suppression of Titulus Regius immediately made the oldest of her brothers Edward, Prince of Wales and uncrowned King Edward V of England between 9 Aprilwhen his father Edward IV died, until 25 Junewhen Titulus Regius was enacted the legitimate reigning monarch once again, and his younger brother Richard of Shrewsbury, Duke of York his immediate legitimate heir.

Consequently, once Titulus Regius was repealed and eradicated the two re-legitimised princes would similarly have to be 'removed' along with it.

The Daughter of Time (Inspector Alan Grant, #5) by Josephine Tey

With Titulus Regius enacted the two princes represented no threat whatsoever to Richard once he was josephine tey daughter of time king. With Titulus Regius repealed and suppressed the two josephine tey daughter of time had a much more legitimate claim to the throne than Henry Tudor did, even if he was married to their sister after he was crowned.

Therefore, Henry had a strong motive for killing his future brothers-in-law once he initiated the repeal and suppression of Titulus Regius while Richard had no motive at all to dispose of his nephews once he had convinced Parliament to enact Titulus Regius.

Although a Bill of Attainder was brought by Henry VII against Richard after the battle of Bosworth it made no mention of the princes' disappearance from the Tower — strongly suggesting that at the time the Attainder was presented to Parliament the princes were not yet missing.

Henry effectively took over the custody of the princes on his victorious return to London after defeating Richard in Bosworth.


If the princes had been missing from the Tower at that time it is inconceivable that Henry, or any of his supporting magnates, would not have immediately taken full advantage of such a propaganda trump card and made that fact widely known in order to defray any possible public resistance to Henry's effective Tudor usurpation of the Yorkist line of accession to the crown.

Despite this clearly unscrupulous falsification of josephine tey daughter of time truth in the Attainder, it did not occur to its authors to also include in it josephine tey daughter of time accusation of Richard as the instigator of the princes' disappearance and subsequent deaths — or even just his incompetent protective custody of them in allowing their demise to happen while he was their Protector.

The mother of the princes, Elizabeth Woodville, remained on genuinely good terms with Richard once he was king, and her daughters regularly took part in social events at his court.