Results 1 - 16 of - Search results. Train to Pakistan. 2 February Truth, Love and a Little Malice. 10 February A History of the Sikhs - Vol. 1: Volume 1: Delhi: A Novel. 2 February A History of the Sikhs - Vol. Celebrating the Best of Urdu Poetry. The End of India. Best Indian Short. Books By Khushwant Singh. 1 1. Train to Pakistan · A History of the Sikhs, Volume 1: (Oxford India Collection · A History of the Sikhs: Volume 2. Popular Khushwant Singh Books. Train to Pakistan (Paperback) Khushwant Singh. Truth, Love and a Little Malice (Paperback) Khushwant Singh. The Company of Women (Paperback) Delhi (Paperback) Women and Men in My Life (Paperback) Paradise And Other Stories (Paperback) Sex, Scotch and Scholarship. A History of the Sikhs.


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A move to enter the Indian civil service proved unsuccessful, and so he went back to Lahore, where he pursued a less than brilliant legal career at the high court. In he joined India's ministry of external affairs and served as press officer in Ottawa and Khushwant singh books.

Khushwant Singh Books - Biography and List of Works - Author of 'A History Of the Sikhs'

However, his relationship with politicians and bureaucrats was always an uneasy one. At the same time he was researching and writing on Sikh history, art and religion, and his two-volume History of the Sikhs, published in the early s, became a standard khushwant singh books. He also wrote passionately about the environment and lovingly about flowers and birds: When partition came, Singh was a witness to people being killed on both sides khushwant singh books the India-Pakistan border.

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Train to Pakistan reflects his accuracy and honesty, and was khushwant singh books into a Hindi film directed by Pamela Rooks. A Novel and The Company of Women remain landmarks in Indo-English fiction, while the title of khushwant singh books autobiography, Truth, Love and a Little Maliceis exactly to the point.

5 Most Famous Books of Khushwant Singh | My India

With Humra Quraishi he produced Absolute Khushwant: Singh's love of Urdu poetry prompted him to translate a lot of it into English. At a literary khushwant singh books held in Kasauli, in the Himalayan foothills, inSalima Hashmi, the daughter of his friend Faiz Ahmed Faiz, the great Urdu poet, travelled from Pakistan to acknowledge his work in this field.

As an editor of leading Indian publications, Singh encouraged many younger writers, including me. Professionally, he was always generous, open to ideas and innovations and, above all, big-hearted. Every evening from seven onwards his numerous friends, Indians and foreigners, would visit him.

This was Khushwant singh books Walker and khushwant singh books time, presided over by a host who was endlessly interesting and witty. His wife Kaval nee Malik predeceased him.

Khushwant Singh - Wikipedia

His birth name, given by his grandmother, was Khushal Singh meaning "Prosperous Lion". He was called by a pet name "Shalee". At school his name earned him ridicule as other boys would mock at khushwant singh books with an expression, "Shalee Shoolie, Bagh dee Moolee" meaning, "This shalee or shoolee is the radish of some garden.

But he later discovered that there was a Hindu physician with the same name, and the number subsequently increased.

There he met his future wife, Kawal Malik, one year his junior. He worked at Lahore Court for eight years. In he entered Indian Foreign Service for the newly independent India. In he joined the All India Radio as a journalist.

He was awarded the Padma Vibhushan in for service to his country. Inhe returned the award in protest against the siege of the Golden Temple by the Indian Army. As a public figure, Singh was accused of favouring the ruling Congress partyespecially during the reign of Khushwant singh books Gandhi.


He was derisively called an 'establishment liberal'. Singh's faith in the Indian political system was shaken by the anti-Sikh riots that followed Khushwant singh books Gandhi's assassination, in which major Congress politicians are alleged to be involved; but he remained resolutely positive on the promise of Indian democracy [21] and worked via Khushwant singh books Justice Committee floated by H.

Khushwant Singh obituary

Phoolka who is a senior advocate of Delhi High Court. Singh was a votary of greater diplomatic relations with Israel at a time when India did not want to khushwant singh books Arab nations where thousands of Indians found employment.

He visited Israel in the s and was impressed by its progress.

Malik was his childhood friend who had moved to London earlier.