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Why on earth was the author trying to make him out to be something oh so brilliant and desirable?


Then there was Rachel blaming herself for Trent losing everything. The reason he temporarily lost some of his money kim harrison libros power was because of his own dirty dealings and selfishness.

It was his fault and no-one else's but as usual Rachel had to be a martyr about it and blame herself. Who was this stupid, draining, nonsensical heroine? Ivy was losing blood and on the verge of dropping dead yet there was no urgency or basic common sense to how Rachel and the gang handled the situation.

Kim harrison libros did Bis even bother to kim harrison libros Nina and co to the Ever After? They weren't needed there.

Kim Harrison - Wikipedia

It kim harrison libros a waste of time, his first priority should have been getting Ivy out of the Ever After and into the hospital. That whole scene was stupid. I don't know why she was so exasperated with the deadline kim harrison libros she clearly had more than enough time if all she did was flit around and do nothing.

The only reason Nina was like that was because she was addicted and couldn't help herself. Rachel acted like she was the devil for lying about it and not breaking free of him. I really didn't get the whole sudden demonization of Nina, it came out of nowhere. Where was Rachel's compassion and understanding?

It was also rich of Rachel to condemn Nina over a weakness and addiction when she was kim harrison libros with all the horrible things Trent had done.

She had such double standards. He was meant to be powerful and intelligent but he spent most of the book acting like a prat, he kept pushing Rachel and refused to listen to her advice. For someone so old and cunning I expected him to be patient and wise instead he threw a tantrum and ignored any potential consequences and made things worse for himself.

The Witch With No Name (The Hollows, #13) by Kim Harrison

It kim harrison libros his kim harrison libros flat and cartoonish. The story was so repetitive and nonsensical. There was also a lot of inconsistency — one minute Rachel was at the mercy of Cormel then the next she was putting him in his place.

Was he a bloody threat or not?! She just ignored what he said instead of questioning the fuck out of him!!

Kim Harrison

Kim harrison libros had information that could have possibly helped her but the giddy twit was too busy making cow eyes at Kim harrison libros to bother with anything else. I really wanted there to be more of the core trio Ivy, Jenks, Rachel together, they didn't really have many scenes together and when they did, there were other people there interfering with their dynamic.

I missed them just hanging out and bonding, their friendship and work relationship was the best aspect of the series but it was more or less forgotten about for other crappy relationships. I'm pretty sure it's now become a UF law that when the heroine has her home destroyed she has to move in with the hero and stay there forever.

Apparently, heroines can't move in when they are ready, they have to be pushed into it by outside forces. All she did was have a bit of whine instead of kim harrison libros making demands to make sure they'd never bother her or her friends again.

Her whole mantra through the entire book was either 'Trent's too important' or 'Oh noes, he's in danger' — she acted more like an adoring mother the way she thought he could do no wrong and was constantly worried for his safety, it was cringey.