The Kindle Formatting Book Template (Title) Why You Should Read This Book See Video 1 at for tutorial on how to insert a. Get help publishing on Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), a fast, easy and free Build Your Book - Format a Paperback Manuscript · Format Images in Your . To help you format your paperback, we've created templates in Microsoft. Our Kindle Ebook Template, along with Microsoft Word, are the ONLY things that you need to create books that look just as good (or even better) than New York.


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Our main goal is to help you get your message out to the world through properly formatted books, websites and blogs, ebook trailer videos, Kindle book covers, ebook templates, and kindle ebook template more.

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In addition to all of our products kindle ebook template services for authors, we also regularly post free tutorials, articles, and videos to help authors create and sell more books.

We have a blog, help desk, and first class customer service.

Kindle Template - Kindle Template - Ebook Template

This will help you see where section breaks begin. Highlight the placeholder text in the section you want to remove. Hit the Delete key. Place your cursor in front of the Section Break marker. Customize chapter pages Tips for formatting your chapter pages: As a first step, we recommend kindle ebook template you update the template to include the numbers of chapters you want.

Highlight kindle ebook template copy the last chapter.

Free Kindle Publishing Book Template

Put your cursor at the end of the last chapter. Hit the Enter key. Put your cursor at end of the second to last chapter. Go to the Insert tab.

Nonfiction and Fiction Ebook Formatting Templates for Kindle

In the "Pages" section, click Page Break. Hit the Enter key to insert space above the last chapter title.


Not sure how much space to insert? See the other chapters to compare.

On the References tab, click Insert Footnote. The cursor will jump to the footnote section at the bottom of the page.


Enter your kindle ebook template here. When your upload your eBook, the footnotes will be automatically converted to endnotes. We recommend inserting images with Kindle Createwhich is explained later in this guide. Kindle Create can help you insert and edit the size and alignment of kindle ebook template images with preset options based on professional book layouts.

Nonfiction and Fiction Ebook Formatting Templates for Kindle | TCK Publishing

Prefer to do it yourself? Here are our top tips for adding images in Word: Insert images at their original size. Insert images into kindle ebook template file; don't cut and paste.