(Trigger warning for brief discussions of sexual abuse) Kopano Matlwa is known as one of South Africa's most exciting young writers. She has a. Coconut has ratings and 89 reviews. Zanna said: I do not know how to make it pretty. I do not know how to mask it. It is not a piece of literary geni. This article demonstrates how Kopano Matlwa's recent novel, Coconut, highlights the faultlines that persist in contemporary South African.


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Kopano Matlwa - Wikipedia

Meanwhile, the hip and sassy Fiks is an ambitious go-getter desperate to leave her vicious past behind for the glossy sophistication of city life, but finds Johannesburg to be more complicated kopano matlwa coconut unforgiving than she expected. She has a degree in Kopano matlwa coconut, which makes her both a writer and a doctor.

In fact, while studying to get her degree, Ms. Both novels describe racial relations in South Africa.

The novel is written in kopano matlwa coconut parts, the first part focusing on the rich Ofilwe and the second part focusing on the poverty stricken Fikile.

She lives a pampered life, but faces racism from kopano matlwa coconut white school mates and authorities. Ofilwe lives her first years in blissful blindness to the prejudices around her, but as Ofilwe gets older, she realizes more and more how much racism she has faced in her kopano matlwa coconut years.

She also realizes with help from her brother, Tsempo, how much of her own culture, identity and history through the mechanisms of the oppressive former apartheid system she as many black South Africans has lost.


Tsempo argues that being Christian goes against their black identity, since they were forcefully converted by whites. He points out that the kopano matlwa coconut beliefs of the Africans were quite kopano matlwa coconut.

In this sequence Matlwa confronts the fact that when Christianity as other abrahamic religions was spread, the black South Africans lost a part of their culture.

Ofilwe is first proud of the fact that her family speaks English at home.


However, due to her skin color, no one believes this to be the case; when a few men come to her classroom to collect data on the different mother tongues among children, kopano matlwa coconut men refuse to believe her when she states she speaks English at home.

Her teacher even punishes her for lying to the men. There is also a huge socio-economic divide as seen between Fikile and Ofilwe's families.

Irrespective of the economic disparity, these groups are all coconuts, wanting to live and be kopano matlwa coconut Europeans, and those who have the money, seeking validation from the Europeans and embarassed by their own inherent African ways of doinf things.

I hope it is not too late for South Africans and other Africans to realise to heed to kopano matlwa coconut story about the the apples and the pear.

Coconut by Kopano Matlwa

That is the truth and nothing else but the truth. We can have less stressed. To be quite honest, I was expecting African chicklit. Kopano matlwa coconut, you gave me a whole lot more.

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The purpose of my Voyage of Rediscovery is to broaden my horizons and to explore worlds that are generally inaccessible to a middle-aged, white guy which is, sadly, kopano matlwa coconut I have turned out to be. That means I read fiction in the hope that it reflects fact in such kopano matlwa coconut that I am forced to reconsider my perceptions of the real world — my real world.

In short, a good book raises questions.