Exactly a decade after it started production, the MA oil and gas field in the Krishna Godavari basin block KG-D6 will seize to produce from. Krishna Godavari basin Latest Breaking News, Pictures, Videos, and Special Reports from The Economic Times. Krishna Godavari basin Blogs, Comments and. The Krishna-Godavari Basin is likely to see a total investment outlay of over $14 billion by two oil and gas exploration and production.


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Now, where did GSPC get all its money from? GSPC, which was incorporated indid not have any loans on its books as on March 31, Between andit had borrowed krishna godavari basin staggering Rs. This money was evidently used to farm out contracts to dubious entities whose motives are entirely questionable.

ONGC’s biggest oil, gas project in Krishna-Godavari basin expected to be delayed - Livemint

It is no surprise that our PSU banks are facing the loans crisis that they are now, with borrowers such as GSPC that borrowed money for no krishna godavari basin business purposes.

The KG scam is a depressing story of how a State PSU krishna godavari basin used to whip up fake claims of gas discovery and then be used as a platform not to extract gas but money, by handing out contracts to related entities in the garb of gas exploration.

In the audit report of GSPC, the CAG lambasts the company for indulging in futile and unviable business activities with reckless borrowing. Mon, Feb 05 It has the proclivity for generation of both oil and gas.


Reservoir Rock Lenticular sands within Raghavapuram Shale possibly representing intervening regressive phases are one of the potential exploration targets; krishna godavari basin mapping them seismically poses some challenges as mentioned above.

A recent major find in its time equivalent?

Recent exploratory efforts in deep offshore also indicated prospectivity in Cretaceous sequenceSands within Gollapalli Formation of Late Jurassic-Early Cretaceous in Mandapeta-Endamuru area and its time equivalent Kanukollu Formation krishna godavari basin Lingala-Kaikalur area are another potential target in this petroleum system.

A northeast southwest trending corridor of Upper Cretaceous Tirupati Sandstone, product of a regressive phase, between southeastern side of Tanuku Horst and MTP fault krishna godavari basin emerging as another important target.

Cap Rock Raghavapuram Shale acts as effective seal for both Gollapalli reservoirs and the sands within Raghavapuram Shale.

Shale intercalations within Tirupati Formation appear to act as seal for the accumulations within the Formation. Krishna godavari basin Dhirubhai-1 and 3 D1 and D3 gas fields went on-stream in April The field krishna godavari basin in the first month produced 39, tonnes of crude oil, peaking at 1,08, tonnes in May Reuters Exactly a decade after it started production, the MA oil and gas field in the Krishna Godavari basin block KG-D6 will seize to produce from September, said Reliance Industries which has battled quicker than anticipated decline in output at a block that once was its pride.

Reliance had till date made 19 oil and gas discoveries in the Krishna Godavari basin. In March the deepwater rig Discover discovered Dhirubhai-4, which has in-place gas volumes of 1, billion standard cubic krishna godavari basin bcf. In February Reliance announced that it had encountered the thickest hydrocarbon column to date, the MA-2 krishna godavari basin 2km from the MA-1 discovery well reaching a depth of about 3.

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Archived from the original on 29 February Reliance Industries' gas discovery in the Krishna-Godavari basin is expected to change the energy supply economics in the country with the reserves estimated to be krishna godavari basin 40 times bigger than that of the Bombay High field, and krishna godavari basin the total gas production of Oil and Natural Gas Corporation.

Reliance's gas reserves in its exploratory block KGDN-6, off Vishakapatnam, are to the tune of million cubic metres per day and are expected to go up to cubic metres of gas over a year period.