Open Heart and Reiki TUMMO (Kundalini) of NYC/Lower CT Message Board Below is a video of Founder, Irmansyah Effendi where he explains about the  Spiritual Retreat Information. A few thousand dollars later you go to a week-long retreat with Effendi himself. Angelique Serpent, a "Fire Serpent" Kundalini teacher based in Vancouver. Technique for Health and Happiness [Irmansyah Effendi] on come across Reiki Tummo after doing a google search for Kundalini Syndrome.


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Interview with Irmansyah Effendi

In this process, Irmansyah has established dozens of healing clinics and meditation centers throughout kundalini irmansyah effendi world, as well as built ashrams and prayer houses in locations across Indonesia, America and Australia. Going in, I was a novice to the guru world kundalini irmansyah effendi had some solid knowledge of religious and spiritual traditions.

I was first introduced to his practice through local meditation sessions. These are held globally by "underlings" while he is based in Australia.

He actually has a very nice method called Open Heart meditation, which is a kind of smiling meditation. These sessions occur weekly and there is very little mention of the organization's hierarchy, Irman the "Grand Kundalini irmansyah effendi nor his bonkers belief system.

There are also monthly workshops and kundalini irmansyah effendi healing sessions and intro courses. I don't have any other reiki courses to compare these to, but they were impressive and, at first, so healing.

Irmansyah Effendi | New Age Deception

A hundred dollars here, a hundred dollars there. A few thousand dollars later you go to a week-long retreat with Effendi himself. Here he demonstrates his energy work on you, as you sit kundalini irmansyah effendi in meditation. In the case of ReiKi, since Usui Sensei delivered the wisdom, tons of masters have invented tons of stuff to wrap around it, kundalini irmansyah effendi new symbols apparently more powerful, and glued stuff on the original ReiKi, to make it more appealing and more marketable.

Kundalini ReiKi: My opinion [Archive] - MysticWicks Online Pagan Community and Spiritual Sanctuary

Yesterday, I gave a ReiKi initiation to 12 people. Thus, my question is: What a ton of bullshit. The words enlightenment found next to other words such as easy or quickly is only the resonating sound kundalini irmansyah effendi fraud and egocentrism.

It is an expression made for a world of fast consumption, and attachment to commercial results. ReiKi Tummo is good, but take it for kundalini irmansyah effendi it is and nothing more.

Reiki Tummo teach its mystical secrets at its high level retreats in various locations throughout the world. Jesus taught the truth openly in the temples and the streets where all could hear the gospel.

Reiki Tummo Leader alludes to the point that he is a part of God after you attend enough retreats.

Guru Ratings, More on Irmansyah Effendi

Jesus spoke openly and boldly about who He is what He has come here to do. Also his life, death and ressurection was foretold and documented in the scriptures by kundalini irmansyah effendi Old testament prophets.


Reiki Kundalini irmansyah effendi leader may make sacrafices for his students in terms of his time which is paid for and he may believe he is doing something good but bottom line is He is not teaching the gospel, Jesus Christ, the bible, and further more he is utilizing the same practices sorceries that God detest from Egypt and Asia meditation, kundalini, reiki, chi are ancient however, because in these times there is such interest kundalini irmansyah effendi these practices they are now referred to as the New Age spiritual movement.