Leonardo da Vinci: Mona Lisa. Title. Български: Световноизвестната картина Мона Лиза (наричана още и Джокондата, от итал. La Gioconda — „веселата. The Mona Lisa is a half-length portrait painting by the Italian Renaissance artist Leonardo da Vinci that has The Italian name for the painting, La Gioconda, means "jocund" ("happy" or "jovial") or, literally, "the with Leonardo in , records that the painting was executed at the instance of Giuliano di Lorenzo de' ‎: ‎c. –06, perhaps continuing until c. Caterina Stringhetta. Leonardo da Vinci | Gioconda Gioconda Leonardo. La Gioconda agli Uffizi di Firenze nel , dopo il ritrovamento.


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Mona Lisa | History & Facts |

In the Renaissance which brought together all human activities, art meant science, la gioconda di leonardo da vinci meant truth to life: Leonardo da Vinci was a great figure because he embodied the epic Endeavour of Italian art to conquer universal values: In his Mona Lisa, the individual, a sort of miraculous creation of nature, represents at the same time the species: Although Leonardo worked on this picture as a scholar and thinker, not only as a painter and la gioconda di leonardo da vinci, the scientific and philosophical aspects of his research inspired no following.

But the formal aspect - the new presentation, the nobler attitude and the increased dignity of the model - had a decisive influence over Florentine portraits of the next twenty years, over the classical portrait.

With his Mona Lisa, Leonardo created a new formula, at the same time more monumental and more lively, more concrete and yet more poetic than that of his predecessors.

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  • File:Leonardo da Vinci - Mona Lisa (La Gioconda) - WGAjpg - Wikimedia Commons
  • Lisa Gherardini, wife of Francesco Giocondo

Before him, portraits had lacked mystery; artists only represented outward appearances without any soul, or, if they showed the soul, they tried to express it through gestures, symbolic objects or inscriptions. The Mona Lisa alone is a living enigma: The French king displayed the painting in his La gioconda di leonardo da vinci palace where it remained for a century.

After the French Revolutionit was moved to the Louvrebut spent a brief period in the bedroom of Napoleon in the Tuileries Palace.

In Decemberit was reported that French scientist Pascal Cotte had found a hidden portrait underneath the surface of the painting using reflective light technology. In addition, the portrait lacks la gioconda di leonardo da vinci flanking columns drawn by Raphael in his c.

Moreover, Cotte admits that his reconstitution had been carried out only in support of his hypotheses and should not be considered a real painting; he stresses that the images never existed.

The Louvre was closed for an entire week during the investigation.


Museum director Giovanni Poggi right inspects the painting. Apollinaire implicated his friend Pablo Picassowho was brought in for questioning.

10 Facts You Don't Know about The Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci

Both were later exonerated. Louvre employee Vincenzo Peruggia had stolen the Mona Lisa by entering the building during regular hours, hiding in a broom closet, and walking out with it hidden under la gioconda di leonardo da vinci coat after the museum had closed.

Peruggia may have been motivated by an associate whose copies of the original would significantly rise in value after the painting's theft. A later account suggested Eduardo de Valfierno had been the mastermind of the theft and had commissioned forger Yves Chaudron to create six copies of the painting to sell in the U.

File:Leonardo da Vinci - Mona Lisa.jpg

After having kept the Mona Lisa in his apartment for two years, Peruggia grew impatient and was caught when he attempted to sell it to directors of the Uffizi Gallery in Florence.

She is resting her left arm on the arm of the chair, which is placed in front of a loggia, suggested by the parapet behind la gioconda di leonardo da vinci and the two fragmentary columns framing the figure and forming a "window" looking out over the landscape.


The perfection of this new artistic formula explains its immediate influence on Florentine and Lombard art of the early 16th century. Such aspects of the work as the three-quarter view of a figure against a landscape, the architectural setting, and the hands joined in the foreground were already extant in Flemish portraiture of the second half of the 15th century, particularly in the works of Hans Memling.

However, the spacial coherence, la gioconda di leonardo da vinci atmospheric illusionism, the monumentality, and the sheer equilibrium of the work were all new.

The Mona Lisa - by Leonardo Da Vinci

La gioconda di leonardo da vinci relates that Leonardo worked on it for four years without being able to finish it; yet the picture gives the impression of being completely realized. The dates suggested for it vary between andthe most widely accepted being Taking a living model as his point of departure, Leonardo has expressed in an ideal form the concept of balanced and integrated humanity.

That identity was first suggested in by artist biographer Giorgio Vasari.