Launched Bridges is a book designed to merge the static, organizational, and design engineers, and owners, as it can benefit all involved with bridge building. Launched Bridges is a book designed to merge the static, organizational, and design engineers, and owners, as it can benefit all involved with bridge building. The principle of the incrementally launched bridge consists of building the superstructure segments in a casting yard located behind the bridge abutment.


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The secondary PT is then installed and the temporary bearings are replaced by the launched bridges bearings. This form of construction can be used for bridges having constant cross sectional shape throughout their length.

The bridge should be straight or have a constant launched bridges and vertical curvature.

Incremental launching method | VSL

This method, following a suitable technological design with launched bridges of the ILM method projected to the superstructure design, brings a wide range of advantages and is very effective compared to other methods, despite generally higher material demands.

Having considerable experiences in this technology, VSL offers and successfully provides the optimisation of the load bearing structure design and stabilisation of piers against effects of horizontal forces, if required, as well as the design of technological equipment for launching and casting yard, in cooperation with launched bridges designer and contractor and according to the scope of required works.

Moreover, the optimal working conditions contributed to enhancing jobsite productivity.

launched bridges Typically, high-capacity cranes mounted on barges would have been used to erect the steel girders, given the worksite launched bridges. However, this method would have been much slower and riskier, especially with regards to meeting the deadline and staying within budget.

Limited Lifting Capacity Needed at the Erection Site Given that the cost of launched bridges cranes can be quite significant, the choice of the launched-girder technique allowed for major savings as it limited the size of the lifting equipment that would be needed.

The crane capacity required to perform the launches was determined based on operations to unload the components upon delivery and then place them on the assembly stands located upstream of the western abutment.

Given the short-range maneuvers and the maximum weight of the launched bridges, i. A conventional ton crane was used. launched bridges

Launched-Girder Erection: A Cost and Time-Effective Technique - Canam - Bridges

launched bridges Respect for the Environment The Natashquan River is one of the largest salmon rivers in the province of Quebec. Keeping environmental impacts to a minimum was therefore a key consideration throughout the construction process.


The launched-girder erection technique is an excellent alternative as it eliminates the possibility of spills and launched bridges risks associated with the use of barges or the construction of landings in the launched bridges to erect girders, launched bridges greatly disturbs the equilibrium of aquatic ecosystems.

Moreover, the use of a smaller crane acted to reduce the overall amount of greenhouse gas emissions produced by the project. An Effective Technique The launch had to be performed on sloped terrain given the direct access to the western bank, which represented the most economical choice.

This option called for enhanced restraining systems that had to be operated simultaneously with the launching system.