Editorial Reviews. From Booklist. When Ryan meets Sara, his new next-door neighbor in a Fallen From Grace - Kindle edition by Laura Leone. Contemporary. Laura Resnick, author of the popular Esther Diamond series in urban fantasy, began her career writing award-winning romance novels under the pseudonym. By: Laura Leone to find one that I can truly call unique, but Fallen From Grace turns traditional romance on it's proverbial ear, with nary a cliché to be found.


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Book Review – Fallen From Grace by Laura Leone

Poor Ryan's whole world came crashing down on him when he was just thirteen years old. And then an older woman stepped in laura leone fallen from grace "save" Ryan as a 16 year-old, and groomed him to become what she wanted him to be Ryan was manipulated and made to feel he owed his life to the woman who saved him from a life on the streets, and Ryan just didn't see a way out.

Until he met the one woman who loved and believed in him enough until he had the courage to seek a better life, and to break away from the past. What Ryan went through I just felt so sad for him. And when he found a friend in Sara, I laura leone fallen from grace so hoping it would work out.

Book Review - Fallen From Grace by Laura Leone - Maryse's Book Blog

But how could it when she discovered the truth? What woman would put up with that? I was hoping and praying that Ryan would find the courage to break away from that viper who was controlling him!

And when Sara finally decided that she view spoiler [ loved Ryan so much that she couldn't go another laura leone fallen from grace without him?


And kudos to Sara for standing her ground and giving Ryan an ultimatum--"quit that 'career' or quit me"! Ryan and Sara were a wonderful couple.

Fallen from Grace

Ryan, so sweet, so charming, so sexy, so easy to love, and so vulnerable. And Sara--strong, brave, encouraging, and just what Ryan needed.

These two were just awesome together. As Ryan confesses that he really works as a high-priced prostitute for an escort service, Sara can hardly believe what she's hearing.

Fallen from Grace: Laura Leone: : Books

After some time has passed though, Sara is able to resume their easy friendship, but refuses anything more unless Ryan quits his job. Ryan slowly begins to open laura leone fallen from grace to Sara about what led him into the business, but that life and the demons of the past have an iron grip of control over him that will not let him go easily.

It will take all of Sara's laura leone fallen from grace of persuasion to convince Ryan that he has talents that go far beyond the sex-for-hire trade, and that he does indeed have a bright future in the "real" world. It has an older heroine by nine years with a younger hero, a multi-cultural relationship between a heroine who is Jewish and a hero who was raised Catholic, a heroine who essentially rescues the hero, and most surprising of all a hero who is a prostitute yes, you read that right.

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While all these elements might make this sound like the oddest of stories, in fact, everything worked together to create a very fascinating and compelling novel that was a pleasure to read.

Ryan and Sara developed a very strong bond of friendship long before becoming lovers, which I found to be incredibly beautiful.


They exhibited a depth of trust in one another that is a rare treasure. Ryan initially hid his real profession from Sara, but I was shocked at how quickly even that was revealed.

Fallen From Grace - Kindle edition by Laura Leone. Contemporary Romance Kindle eBooks @

Aside from that one thing, they always communicated with stark, naked honesty, never really holding anything back from each other which I laura leone fallen from grace utterly refreshing. They share many scenes together that are laced with emotion and sexual tension, and when they finally do make love, those scenes were so incredibly sweet and sensuous, they made my laura leone fallen from grace do flip-flops.

All in all, I thought they were a perfectly matched couple. I never would have thought that a prostitute would make a good hero, and while Ryan was certainly not the typical romance hero, he was a very appealing one in spite of his profession.

He was an extremely complex character especially in an emotional sense, but it was easy to see why Sara fell in love with him.

Fallen From Grace

Outwardly he had to project a certain toughness to survive and he definitely had a strong, courageous spirit that was his saving grace through all the horrible things that happened to him over the years.

Inwardly though, he is a deeply wounded individual who sees himself as not good for or at anything but sex. There were a few times that Ryan was relating things to Sara from his past or things that he had to do for survival, where he seemed almost dispassionate, and he exhibited laura leone fallen from grace same attitude towards sex laura leone fallen from grace his clients as well.