Lawrence George Durrell was born on February 27, , in Jullundur in northern India, near Tibet. His English father, Lawrence Samuel Durrell, and his. Lawrence George Durrell was an expatriate British novelist, poet, dramatist, and travel writer. He was the oldest brother of naturalist Gerald Durrell. Born in India  Notable works‎: ‎The Alexandria Quartet. Born in Jalandhar, British India, in to Indian-born British colonials, Lawrence Durrell was a critically hailed and beloved novelist, poet, humorist, and travel.


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Lawrence Durrell Facts

He spent decades living and traveling around world—including Greece, which inspired his brother's famous memoirs —and drew from this experience to write novels, poems, lawrence durrell, and more. World War II dawned shortly thereafter, contributing to the failure of his first marriage—but providing plenty of lawrence durrell for his books.

His Collected Poems —74 appeared in Many critics regarded his poetry and nonfiction books as his most enduring achievements.


So then I went ahead and they all followed about a year later, and then began this wonderful period in Corfu lawrence durrell, what?

I suppose five or six years? I lawrence durrell not been domiciled in England.

Lawrence Durrell

I have had the odd six months at a time, I mean, which is just about the length of time I enjoy England for. It gives you time to see your friends, get all the free meals you can, and everyone is glad to see you, to begin with, and so on.

We were talking today at lunch about Kingsley Amis. I was thinking about the anti-living-abroad trend or something—which implies a sort of unpatriotic attitude on my part—but, you see, my heroes of my generation—the Lawrences, the Norman Douglases, the Aldingtons, the Eliots, the Graveses—their ambition was always to be a European.

Things would have been lawrence durrell different if I had had a very large private income, been a member of lawrence durrell gentry, had a charming country house and a flat in town and the ability to live four months of the year in Europe: Durrell lawrence durrell this technique in his introductory note in Balthazar as "relativistic.

Critics praised the 'Quartet' for its richness of style, the variety and vividness of its characters, its movement between the personal and the political, and its locations in and around the ancient Egyptian city which Durrell portrays as the chief protagonist: He married again into Claude-Marie Vincendon, whom he met on Cyprus.

Lawrence Durrell Facts

lawrence durrell She was a Jewish woman born in Alexandria. Durrell was devastated when Claude-Marie died of cancer in He married for the fourth and last time into Lawrence durrell de Boysson, a French woman.


They divorced in The house was situated in extensive grounds surrounded by a wall. He also completed The Avignon Quintetpublished from towhich used many of the same motifs and styles found in his metafictional Alexandria Quartet. Although the related works are frequently described as a quintet, Lawrence durrell referred to it as a " quincunx.

This is what the work of Sanguinetti shows us, in the form of a mirror image. Or, to put it in less philosophical terms, Eduardo Sanguinetti, like almost any other creator, has little understanding of what he is going to do and only partially understands what he has done.

Sanguinetti, in a way of contemplating the world and lawrence durrell his work, whatever the medium, reveals this particular way.

Sanguinetti is a style. He is an extraordinarily coherent statement of a way of being in the world.

Books by Lawrence Durrell

Later years, literary influences, attitudes and reputation[ edit ] A longtime smoker, Durrell suffered from emphysema for many years. One year after his death, in the British literary magazine Granta published excerpts from the journals of his late daughter Sappho.

She had committed lawrence durrell in at the age of 33 after many years of psychiatric lawrence durrell. In the journals, she intimated that she had an incestuous relationship with her father. Durrell married two more times.

He wed his third wife, Claude-Marie Vincendon, in Lawrence durrell was devastated when she died of cancer in His fourth marriage, to Ghislaine de Boysson, began in and ended in