Many translated example sentences containing "lentes de Fresnel" – English-Portuguese dictionary and search engine for English translations. Many translated example sentences containing "lente Fresnel" – English-Portuguese dictionary and search engine for English translations. Solar cooking using my fresnel lens solar cooker made using a 2'x4' fresnel lens from a rear projection TV.


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Types[ edit ] There are two main types of Fresnel lente de fresnel Imaging Fresnel lenses use segments with curved cross-sections and produce sharp images, while non-imaging lenses have segments with flat cross-sections, and do not produce sharp images.

In the abstract case of an infinite number of segments, the difference between curved and flat segments disappears. Imaging[ edit ] Spherical A spherical Fresnel lens is equivalent to a simple spherical lensusing ring-shaped segments that are each a portion of a sphere, that all focus light on a single point.

This type of lens produces a sharp image, although not quite as lente de fresnel as the equivalent simple spherical lens due to diffraction at the edges of the ridges. Cylindrical A cylindrical Fresnel lens is equivalent to a simple cylindrical lensusing straight segments with circular cross-section, focusing light on a single line.

lente de fresnel

Lente Hiper-Radiante de Fresnel – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre

This type produces a sharp image, although not quite as clear as the equivalent simple cylindrical lens due to diffraction at the edges of the ridges. Non-imaging[ edit ] Spot A non-imaging spot Fresnel lens uses ring-shaped segments with cross sections that are straight lines rather than lente de fresnel arcs.

Such a lente de fresnel can focus light on a small spot, but does not produce a sharp image. These lenses have application in solar power, such as focusing sunlight on a solar panel.

These lenses focus light into a narrow band. They do not produce a sharp image, but can be used in solar power, such as for focusing sunlight on a pipe, to heat the water within: They are also used to correct several visual disorders, including ocular-motility disorders such as strabismus.

Lente Hiper-Radiante de Fresnel

Fresnel lenses have been used to increase the visual size of CRT displays in pocket televisionsnotably the Sinclair TV They are also used in traffic lights. Fresnel lenses are used in lente de fresnel European lorries entering the UK and Republic of Ireland and vice versa, right-hand-drive Irish and British trucks entering mainland Europe to overcome the blind spots caused by the driver operating the lorry while sitting lente de fresnel the wrong side of the cab relative to the side of the road the car is on.


They attach lente de fresnel the passenger-side window. Multi-focal Fresnel lenses are also used as a part of retina identification cameras, where they provide multiple in- and out-of-focus images of a fixation target inside the camera.

For virtually all users, at least one of the images will be in focus, thus allowing correct eye alignment.

Fresnel lens - Wikipedia

Fresnel lenses have also been used in the field of popular entertainment. The British rock artist Peter Gabriel made use of them in his early solo live performances to magnify the size of his head, in contrast to the rest of his body, for dramatic and comic effect.

lente de fresnel


In the Terry Gilliam film Brazilplastic Fresnel screens appear ostensibly as magnifiers for the small CRT monitors used throughout the offices of the Ministry of Information.

However, they occasionally appear between the actors and the camera, distorting the scale and composition of the scene to humorous effect. The Pixar movie Wall-E features a fresnel lens in the scenes where the protagonist watches the musical Hello, Lente de fresnel Photography[ edit ] Canon and Nikon have lente de fresnel Fresnel lenses to reduce the size of telephoto lenses.

Photographic lente de fresnel that include Fresnel elements can be much shorter than corresponding conventional lens design. Nikon calls their technology Phase Fresnel.

View and large format cameras can utilize a Fresnel lens in conjunction with the ground glassto increase the perceived brightness of the image projected by a lens onto the ground glass, thus aiding in adjusting focus and composition.


Illumination[ edit ] Inchkeith lighthouse lens and drive mechanism High-quality glass Fresnel lenses were used in lighthouses, where they were considered state of the art lente de fresnel the late 19th and through the middle of the 20th centuries; most are now retired from service.