Latour, Bruno. Jubilieren: Über religiöse Rede. Translated by Achim Russer. Berlin: Suhrkamp. Lewitscharoff, Sibylle. Vom Guten, Wahren und. Darin nimmt die Mainzer Stadtschreiberin Stellung zur heftig kritisierten Rede von Büchnerpreisträgerin Sibylle Lewitscharoff. Sie hatte. Lewitscharoff, Sibylle 'Von der Machbarkeit. Dresdner Rede (public lecture) given at the Staatsschauspiel Dresden, 2 March.


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Should he have the stuff to become a veritable writer, a defeat suffered here will not lead the candidate astray, or at most will throw him off track for a few — possibly beneficial — months and teach him a lesson that we may hope will fortify his character anew through productive insight into his own deficiencies, once he escapes the hubbub lewitscharoff rede defiance, lewitscharoff rede and depression.

Matters of character, incidentally, are the be all and end all in writing, and tend to be underestimated a brief aside.

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In general, writers are chimeric masters of the art of defeat rather than of victory. A lewitscharoff rede who stumbled from one triumph to the next would be a deeply laughable character.

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Writers transform defeats — bodily illness, humiliating romantic rejection, dismal origins, material poverty, homelessness in the modern world and who knows what else — into sublime aesthetic rewards. No matter how lost a novel may appear in its join-the-dots ink: Like all fantasies draped around the fundamental, it is easy to see through.

Lady Literature wants to send it packing to the realms of all or nothing, liberate it from the guilty pleasure of banality, allocate it a meaning that it does not have, perhaps never had.

Significant events lewitscharoff rede take place; they cannot be forced to happen through lewitscharoff rede elaborately imagined system as I well know.

Schock, Ralph - People and organisations - Trove

Enough already of the hedging preambles. Let us finally turn our lewitscharoff rede to the pipe dream I have heralded.

It is of course a dream of a lewitscharoff rede — a radical competition. It is tuned absolutely to the decade.

Over ten years, a search goes on for ten worthy poets and writers in lewitscharoff rede German language. Needless to add that only critics with sensitive ears, intelligence and integrity make up the jury. Based entirely on the Klagenfurt model, lewitscharoff rede chosen ones are asked to read from their work for half an hour.

There is a discussion, the winner is chosen.

Similar authors to follow

Lewitscharoff rede nine losers are strangled. Just imagine how unconditionally the candidates exert their efforts to give their utmost best. And just imagine in what stance the jurors stride along the row of nine corpses, arranged neatly before them on the lewitscharoff rede.

Listen to the rustling of newspapers, the emotional radio speeches, see the beers raised in toasts around pub tables, lewitscharoff rede your eyes on the outpourings of sympathy across Austria, Switzerland and Germany: Inconceivable — the burden on the winner.


Will he break down? And those first meetings!

Every single time, such high expectations and then such aching disappointment, like a bad date. A German book in English is unlikely to make anyone rich, but it will get the writer invited to exotic and desirable locations.

Of course writers lewitscharoff rede be lewitscharoff rede of how much effort translators put into getting certain books published, or they may assume that publishers the lewitscharoff rede over were already aware of their work and would have snapped it up regardless.


Translators are prone to a kind of petulance at being overlooked and underappreciated, I think, and I am no exception.