There have been numerous creative logo design showcases, logo A logo takes thought and creativity, and many elements combine to make. This guide will show you how to design a logo that's perfect for your brand. Your mood board gives you the opportunity to pull all these elements together. Are you looking for logo design elements vectors or photos? We have free resources for you. Download on Freepik your photos, PSD, icons or vectors of.


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For instance your brand can be both handmade and fun at the same time, just take a look at how the quirky, illustrated logo for The Crafting Cactus pulls it off.

Logo design elements Vector

Find the right type of logo In addition to the overall style there are 7 main types of logos you can choose from when you are creating your logo. You can pick the logo design elements that suits your company name or overall aesthetic best, or combine them to create something unique.

These monograms can be great for minimalist logo design elements, but remember that they are not very good at expressing what your business is about. Wordmarks or logotypes Wordmarks are a very straightforward way of using you company name as a logo.

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To give them personality and recognition value, they are all about typography—just look at the wordmark logo for ONE. They are iconographic images that are easily recognizable and represent your brand with an image.

logo design elements

You can choose something logo design elements or more complex, but make sure to pick a symbol that creates a unique connection to your brand. An abstract logo mark will condense your business into a symbol that is truly unique to you.

Logo Design Elements Vectors, Photos and PSD files | Free Download

The logo for Printy shows how modern logo design elements abstract symbol can look, while having lots of personality at the same time. If you want your abstract logo to create a certain mood or feeling, find out the meanings of different geometric logo shapes.


Mascots Mascots are a fun way of giving logo design elements brand a personality. They are often colorful, cartoonish characters that represent your business in a family-friendly and approachable way, like the cheerful Gadget Mole above.

9 elements to a great logo design

Combination mark for Brite Side designed by ludibes Emblem logo for Rockwell Lighthouse designed by Project 4 Combination mark A combination mark does exactly what it says on the tin: The brand name is either placed next to the symbol, or is integrated in the graphic element, like designer ludibes demonstrates with the Brite Side logo.

People will associate both elements with your brand, which allows you to use them both logo design elements or together. Emblem Similar to combination marks, emblems logo design elements also often a combination of word logo design elements pictorial elements. They usually consist of text integrated in a symbol or icon, such as badges, seals or crests.

Logo Design Elements - ( Free Downloads)

The Rockwell Lighthouse emblem shows, how these traditional shapes can give you a very old-school and classic appearance. Pay attention to logo design elements Colors can have a ton of different meanings. The psychology logo design elements color is complex, but to keep it short, colors have certain emotions and ideas attached to them.

To learn more about color theory be sure to check out this in-depth guide on logo color psychology.

9 elements to a great logo design - Fraktul

Red logo for Food Hunter by Yo! Red stands for excitement, passion and anger.

This logo design elements a vibrant, invigorating and playful color. If you want to look accessible and friendly, yellow is the right choice.

It gives off a cheerful, affordable and youthful energy.