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More sophisticated Ayahuasca centers offer all-inclusive, full-service Ayahuasca ceremonies in their jungle retreats. The number of people in one ceremony vary by retreat and range from 5 to 25 people.

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If you are really interested in exploring Ayahuasca, you should lonely planet peru a 7 or 10 day stay in a specialized Ayahuasca retreat.

As with any psychedelic, inform yourself about Ayahuasca and its risks before you drink.

This is the oldest reserve shielded from destruction by the company. This reserve consists of over hectares, or acres, of mainly high Tierra Firme, or non-flooding lonely planet peru.

One small section is lowland or flooded forest. The Missouri Botanical Garden has found this reserve to be lonely planet peru of the highest in biodiversity of trees per square hectare in any area studied by scientists to date.

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The main reason believed to cause this high biodiversity is the lack of any defined dry or wet season in the area of Iquitos, unlike most tropical areas.

The rainfall here may be at highest in any month of the year, depending upon the year studied. This lack of a defined dry lonely planet peru wet season, through which many species of plants and animals would be unable to survive, is believed to be the major reason for the extremely high diversity in both flora and fauna, which has given this part of the Amazon Basin the title lonely planet peru "The Biodiversity Capital of the World".

In the vicinity of the Lodge is a small community of Yagua Native Americans which have clear title to lonely planet peru own reserve of 1, hectares 4, acres.

We are very well known for our trekking, hiking, and of course mountain biking trips around the Ollantaytambo, Cusco, and Machu Picchu areas.

We have lonely planet peru numerous explorations with some moderate successes, as well as many pro mountain bike filming expeditions. Email us today at KBperu hotmail. Machu Picchu entrance tickets Due to popular demand, we are now offering Machu Picchu entrance tickets and also Peru Rail train tickets.


With enough notice, we can even get the nearly-impossible to obtain Huayna Picchu tickets, as well as give you extensive information on how to get the most out of our visit to Machu Lonely planet peru. At KB Tambo Hotel and Tours, we are known for our prompt response to all emails, in any language, with the advice of a friendly expat local.