Cuentos de la selva, que el autor dedicó “para los niños”, está considerada como una de las obras mayores de literatura infantil. Publicada en. Cuentos de la selva es un libro de cuentos para niños del escritor uruguayo Horacio Quiroga, publicado en en Buenos Aires.‎La tortuga gigante · ‎Las medias de los flamencos · ‎La abeja haragana. Cuentos de la selva (Clasicos Para Ninos/ Classics for Children) (Spanish Edition) [Horacio Quiroga] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.


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Horacio Quiroga y Los Cuentos de la Selva

Published inCuentos de la selva is a wildly imaginative journey into the Latin American jungle where animals are often main characters and humans, when they appear, are alternately painted as allies or destructive enemies. Entertaining and written in an accessible style that makes them ideal for students learning Spanish, reading and discussing these stories will strengthen both your comprehension and conversational skills as well as boost your vocabulary.

Also, each one carried a firefly that would swing like a little lantern. But the most beautiful were the snakes.

All of them, without exception, were dressed in ballerina outfits that matched their own color. And the most magnificent of all the snakes were the coral snakes, which were dressed in great long strips of red, white, and black gossamer and danced like streamers in a breeze.

When the snakes danced and twirled on the tips of the tails, los cuentos de la selva would los cuentos de la selva like crazy.

Cuentos de la selva - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

Only the flamingos, which at that time had legs that were all white and had, just as they have now, thick and twisted noses; only the flamingos were sad because they were not very smart and had not known how to dress. They were jealous los cuentos de la selva the outfits of all the guests and most of all those of the coral snakes.

Each time one would pass by them flaunting and shaking their gossamer, the flamingos would just die of envy.


Quiroga is one of the most fascinating characters in Latin American literature. After travels in Europe during his youth, Quiroga spent most of his life in Argentina.

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  • Horacio Quiroga y Los Cuentos de la Selva

He was the official photographer on an expedition led by the famous Argentine poet Leopoldo Lugones to Misiones in northeast Argentina. Quiroga became enchanted by the wild region and he spent the larger part of los cuentos de la selva life in the remote jungle.


Experiences from this period inspired many of his short stories about life in the wilderness. Some of his most los cuentos de la selva works include Cuentos de la selva ; Jungle TalesCuentos de amor, de locura y de muerte ; Stories of love madness and death and Anaconda I am a filmmaker and English teacher.

Natalia introduced me to the great Latin American writer Horacio Quiroga. We would read his stories to each other with immense pleasure before going to sleep.

One day while she was reading me The Bald Parrot from his book Jungle Tales, with her affected voice imitating that of the antagonistic jaguar, I realized that these were a collection of stories that English speaking children deserve the pleasure of reading.

This is our first translation, but by working together - Natalia being a native Argentinian and me a certified Los cuentos de la selva teacher- we have managed to create an engaging English translation that children can easily understand while at the same time maintains the original sentiment of the book.

We hope that our edition will help expand the spectrum of literature for English los cuentos de la selva kids and teenagers and introduce them to new cultures and a different way of seeing the world.

Cuentos de la selva | Tierra Educational Center

Remember the pleasure of having in your hands a new book, full of yet undiscovered adventures, with los cuentos de la selva color illustrations that captured your imagination? Our dream is to create a book that is enchanting for both children and adults, with high-quality paper, an engaging design and most important of all, original full-color illustrations by artistic genius Bert Van Wijk, whose wonderful work you can see here.

About Bert After finishing high school Bert decided to study illustration at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam where he experimented with all kinds of different media.

The desire to discover new places, ways and views took him to Buenos Aires, Argentina, where a visit of a few months turned out into a few exciting years filled with art and creativity. There he re- discovered the los cuentos de la selva and started focusing on illustration. This is one of the amazing illustrations Bert has made for the book!

The Giant Tortoise What are we going to do with the money? Your contribution will help us to: